Fuji announces new XA10 camera with 16-50mm Lens for $499.

Fuji announces new XA10 camera with 16-50mm Lens for $499


Fuji just announced this little $499 mirrorless camera and it comes with a 16-50 lens, a 16.3 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor (not X trans), Full HD video, and even Eye detection. This is what appears to be a starter in the Fuji lineup, and also seems to pack a punch at under $500. It even has a skin tone enhancer and Fuji mentions this is for the “Selfie Enthusiast”. With more selfies today being snapped than real photos today, Fuji decided to create a camera that would work well for the Selfie crowd which sounds funny when you think about it.

“Designed for the selfie enthusiast, the X-A10 from Fujifilm is a sleek mirrorless camera with capable imaging abilities and distinct retro styling. Featuring a 16.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor, The X-A10 can record both high-resolution stills and Full HD video, and the sensor’s design ensures true color balance and natural skin tone reproduction, which can further be optimized using the Portrait Enhancer Mode. Besides the imaging capabilities, the physical design of the camera also supports creating self-portraits using a 180° slide-and-tilt rear LCD monitor. The monitor’s sliding design ensures the screen isn’t blocked by the camera when facing forward, and when fully extended to 180°, Eye Detection AF is also activated for sharp focus. Additionally, when holding the camera for selfies, the vertical control dial can be used as a shutter release button for more comfortable and stable shooting.”


The XA10 is now available for Pre Order at B&H Photo HERE

  • The rear LCD screen features a 180° slide-and-tilt design that benefits taking front-facing selfies. The sliding design of the screen allows the screen to move so it is not obstructed by the camera itself when fully extended to 180°.
  • Helping to reduce camera shake when making a self-portrait, the vertical command dial, which will be positioned under your forefinger when pointing the camera at yourself, can be used to release the shutter. Additionally, Eye Detection AF will automatically be activated when the screen is positioned at a 180° angle.
  • Dual command dials avail quick, intuitive access for adjusting common exposure controls, and other frequently used functions, such as white balance, self-timer, and continuous shooting settings, can be assigned to dedicated buttons for quick access.
  • The included NP-W126S lithium-ion battery provides approximately 410 shots per charge.


  1. Btw it also flew under my radar until Black Friday a few weeks ago, it was sold new for 250 instead 550 Euro. Couldn’t resist it for that price. It appears to be a little camera with amazingly good IQ and I really enjoy it!

  2. A way of selling…
    By other side better taking them with that than with a cellphone. Perhaps they start loving photography

  3. “Designed for the selfie enthusiast…”. It says something about our society that there is a market for a camera to cater to this need.

  4. for $100 more you can get the recently released XA3 with a 24MP Bayer sensor, I haven’t seen any reviews for it looks a lot more appealing

    • $100 more is a lot for some people; ask my two sons. ;~) It’s good to have a lower-priced choice.

      • I’m not sure how old your son’s are but where I come from kids don’t have $500 cameras. $100 is definitely not chump change but I’m just making a suggestion for those in the market for one of these. Touch screen, better sensor , better looks and build, I think it’s worth the extra $100, as an Xpro2 user I might pick one up for landscape since it has the bayer sensor.

        • I’m vaguely intrigued by the X-A3 in combo w. my 27mm pancake lens, an underappreciated little pleasure of a lens. Great walk around toy at ~400 grams body and lens.

          And while the ’10 is not for me, it does seem like a lot of camera for not much money, and if even a few buyers convert into more serious Fuji-mount users, it’s an obvious win for a company trying to sell some very nice lenses.

        • Thank you very much Iran! You just help me to make a choice for a good camera for my grandson & friends. Problem is solved.

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