The Official Leica M10 Half Leather Case – Video Review

The Official Leica M10 Half Leather Case – Video Review

By Steve Huff

Just wanted to do a video review of this great case from Leica. Usually, Leica makes cases that are sloppy fit and not so nice looking. This time, with the M10, they made a functional, gorgeous and very well made perfect fit half case. It fits and looks nicer than photos would lead you to believe. SEE THE VIDEO below to see how it fits, how much it costs and why I love it!

Mine came from Ken Hansen (email: but you can also get them at the dealers below:

B&H Photo



  1. Helpful review Steve, thanks! Wasn’t sure what I thought about it, but the brown leather looks great with the black chrome. My M10 is in the mail and I can’t wait to pop my black chrome summilux on it! Just put an order in for the brown half case. Sorry for being a copy-cat!

  2. Hi Steve,

    what function does the black button on front of the M10 do? This was the Video Button on the M240 right.

    Best regards

  3. Actually I like the M240 case by Leica. It seems to be snug on my camera. I was actually impressed by how good it fits. What I personally like about the M240 case are the snaps on the side. It is very fast to remove. On the M10 I may not need to remove it that often because of Wifi, but when I do I do need to unscrew the case. Looks like I would even need to use a coin to do so. Plus the snaps on the M240 case create an additional protection so the straps would not rub against the camera. And it has a very precise looking grip detail. The M10 case seems to be a great case but I personally think that the M240 case is not a bad design. D!RK

  4. It does look very nice, but I didn’t buy the slimmed down M10 just to add the thickness with a halfcase. IMO Halfcase for the M look nice but are not functional (for me).

    • With this half case it is fatter than the M240. Next accessories up – a cover that hides the ISO dial and a protective screen that makes the viewfinder smaller.


    • Nope you did not, no tripod mount on the case. To some, this could be an issue. I never use a case on a tripod myself (only use a tripod for photos once a year if that) but see how it could be bothersome to some. But no, no tripod mount here.

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