The Leica M10 Review Part 2. The M stands for “Motivation”. By Steve Huff

The Leica M10 Review Part 2. The M stands for “Motivation”

By Steve Huff

Good friend Ashwin Rao’s Leica M10 with black dot that he installed himself. He also has the Leica M10 half case by Leica. GORGEOUS!!!!

Well well…it has been a couple of weeks since my Part 1 review of the Leica M10 and while I wrote and talked about everything there is to talk about in that review, at the time I wrote it I had minimal shooting time with the camera. Now with a couple of weeks under my belt I would like to write this “Part 2” review which will be mainly based on my use and experience for taking actual real photos. I will soon have a “Part 3” of sorts where I do some comparisons and I will also have posts from time to time like I used to in the old days with different lenses being used on the M10. This site still has a large Leica following, and many here love to see what the new M’s can do with various lenses, so those posts will be coming soon!

I have been taking the M10 with me everywhere I go ever since my own personal M10 arrived. Armed with a 28 Summilux and a 50 Summilux, (usually leave the 90 at home) I just have it strapped on me and if I see a shot, I take it. Kind of like this shot below,  taken outside through a window at a tattoo shop while in downtown Tuscon, AZ during a “Beers & Camera” meetup..

Leica M10, 50 Summilux ASPH, f/1.4 ISO 800 – Quick through the window shot

The image is a bit raw but I love it. I waited for the man  to notice me with the camera, and when he saw me, I snapped. It was quick, and he gave me a thumbs up afterwards. But if I was using my AF camera that I had with me, it would have missed the shot due to the reflection of the glass window. It was dark, yet the M10 was easy to focus using the rangefinder. I had no idea if I nailed focus until I arrived home as I decided I will never chimp again. I was so used to my MD 262 that I got used to never looking down at the LCD. Now I have the Leica case on the camera and I keep the back flap on, so I do not see the LCD. Works for me 😉 Gives me more of that old M7 kind of vibe when shooting, which can be a good thing. One thing I like to do when I shoot is not obsess about settings or if I nailed exposure or focus. If I mess up, I mess up and learn from it.

Another shot through a dirty window into a dark bar with one lonely customer. Though maybe not so lonely, he has his smart phone. ISO 1250, f/1.4, 50 Summilux

One thing I am finding is that I love shooting the M10 in Monochrom. In fact, if you like JPEGS, it has a monochrom mode. Even so, I sometimes still prefer using B&W filters to convert but for those who like using JPEG, you can set the M10 to Monochrom mode and shoot B&W. Now, this does not mean it will convert the M10 into a Monochrom sensor model, just that it will shoot your JPEGS in B&W with some JPEG processing built in.

The biggest draw for me to the new M10 is not that it is a tad thinner, not at all.  While this does indeed feel nice and sleek in my hand, the big winner for me with the M10 is the new sensor. It allows me to use this camera in low light scenarios above with great results. The old M8 was noisy by ISO 640. The M9 by 1250 and the M240 had a limit for most of 3200 max. This guy, I will use ISO 12,500 if I need to and never worry about the noise it gives me. This is all without noise reduction. Quite a jump from previous M models. Also, the dynamic range seems great, though not as solid as my Sony A7RII. Even so, it seems much nicer than the M8 and M9, far superior here.

As for color, the M10 is sort of a mix between the M240 and is the contrast from what I am seeing. It does not have the all out “pop” of the M8 or M9 but it is better than the M 240 in this regard. The color and AWB of the M10 beats all previous M digital models.

All three with the M10 and 50 Summuilux at 1.4. Click them for larger. 

With the M240, I remember thinking “Man, my 50 Summilux is not rendering quite the same here as it did on the M9”. I could not put my finger on it as to why that was. But now that I have the M10, the old 50 Lux charm is back, meaning…it is now performing how I remember it performing on the M9. Of course, when I can nail the focus with my aging eyes.

This M10 is a seriously dense feeling camera. It feels like a solid piece of camera and is more solid than an M6 or even an M7 (yes I felt them all side by side). It to me, feels like the best built M to date, of any era, film or digital. Leica did a wonderful job here in every way because while it may look like just another ‘Leica M”, under the hood is a different story. This is the M that many have been waiting for, and it is now here and from what I hear it is doing VERY well with all dealers backordered for a while. Order now and you may not get your M10 until March, maybe April. This is what I am hearing from some dealers. So to those looking for one who have not pre ordered, there is a chance you can get lucky but if you truly want an M10, I’d get on a dealer list and pre order ASAP.

Time to shoot…

I decided to grab the M10 and head to the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport as I knew a protest was going on due to this crazy political climate we are now in. There ended up being what appeared to be thousands at this airport, all congregating outside. Was a perfect chance to test out the M along with the 28 and 50 Lux lenses I brought with me in my little Wotancraft Raven bag.

A bunch of shots below, you can click them for larger but all were shot with the M10 at f/1.4, auto ISO and either the 28 or 50 Lux. 

Sure, I missed focus on a few but I attribute that to my aging eyes and I was not wearing the glasses I so badly need to wear today. The M10 for me was a joy to shoot and I loved the illuminated frame lines, and the larger viewfinder. The eye relief is great for using the 28 Lux as well. I was able to see the entire frame lines and outside of them (again, no glasses).


Yes, I have a typo on the date in the video. Should read Jan 29th 2017

Now of course, some wise guy will comment “I could have taken these with my iPhone, who needs a $6,000 camera for this”. To that the answer is easy.

Sure, one can use an iPhone, or a $500 camera or a $300 camera or a $15,000 camera. I even had my Olympus EM1 MKII and 25 f/1.2 with me and while it was quicker to shoot, and easier to use due to being auto everything, it did not give me the satisfaction in use like the M10 did. In fact, nothing ever really does. As I have written on these pages for eight years now, on many occasions…once you shoot with an M for a while and you truly enjoy it and then go back  to a normal camera design like an SLR or SLR style mirrorless or even a Fuji X Pro is just not the same.

My son Brandon with the M10 and 50 Lux outside at night

For me, photography is so much more than what the image quality is or can be as all cameras today give us the capability to take a great image. For me it is just as much about the user experience, the joy one gets from using the camera and the pride of ownership and bond one has with his photographic tool. For me, nothing has ever beat the Leica M for this. Also, no other camera has truly motivated me like an M, to get off my rear end and get out and shoot. Sure, I love my Sony and my Olympus but they are different. They are there for when I need something specific or when I know I need auto focus or a certain quality they can give. For those times when I want to really enjoy the art of photography and enjoy what I do, and come away with images I know I will love,  knowing that it took some work to get there then the M is usually my preferred choice.

Dynamic Range Example – Underexposed

A quick DR example. In one of the shots from yesterday I underexposed by quite a bit, my subjects were seriously darkened out as the camera exposed for the sky behind them. Would I be able to pull that out while retaining the highlights in the sky?

Out of camera….

With a couple of quick slider adjustments…

Hey, now we can see the faces of the subjects 😉 No problem.

The Leica M10 has come a long way since the days of the M8, this is a fact. It has come a long way since the days of the M9 as well. Compared to the M240 variants (M240, M262, etc) it has also come a long way in what the sensor is capable of, and even feel and viewfinder. Yes, to me, this is indeed the best digital M ever made. To be honest…TO ME, it beats every M ever made because we now have a digital M that can surpass any film M as well, and feels just as good doing it.

To see more work from the M10 by many gifted photographers, see the official Leica M10 Users Group on Facebook started by my good friend Ashwin Rao. Already over 1000 there and many sharing their Leica M10 images and thoughts. Check it out HERE. 

To order an M10 or accessories or lenses, see my preferred dealer list below:

Ken Hansen – Email him at 

B&H Photo


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  1. My M10 duly arrived. I had an M9 until a couple of years ago, the M10 is a light years removed. My other M’s are M7 and MM1. The size is not the issue, much more the weight. Anyway, the M10 is superb and I’ve used it up to 360mm, but I don’t think the B&W is close to the MM1. The jpeg settings are very handy and effective. I have an A7R for long range (about to be sold, no longer needed), which I found an ergonomic disaster. The M10 has got ergonomics perfect on this camera, everything to hand and an incredibly easy editable menu system.

  2. Hey Steve. I value your reviews and seek them when appropriate. It’s your site and you have every right to chose the photos you post as examples. As you welcome comments, I’ll say that this particular post appears to have evolved into a political statement. It’s your call if you want to alienate a theoretical 50% of your audience. I respect the photography and your opinion of equipment, but as a willing buyer of an M10, I chose to avoid clicking on your purchase links. If I read too much into your subtext, I apologize 🙂

    • You read way too much. Look, I, as a photographer, shoot life – LIFE. What I shot here, is part of LIFE today as we know it. IN the past, did you not read newspapers that reported on life events, or happenings? Strange, but if you feel that way then so be it. Will not sway me from shooting ANY event where human life has gathered for something important to them, no matter what it is. A couple years ago I covered an event with my MM that was the opposite of this. So… do what you feel but stop injecting politics into it and put photography into it. The problem is not mine, it is the viewers who are so polarized they are blind to the fact that as a photographer, many of us anyway, we like to shoot raw emotion and when I can get photos that show feeling, love, peace, hate or anger I will go shoot it. It’s called photojournalism or documentary photography. Besides, I would be alienating well less than half here if everyone looked at this as you. Maybe 35% ; )

  3. I just got my M10 brand new leica user is there any way to adjust white balance during live view so you can see it change??

  4. Steve, I have an M 10 on order from Ken Hansen but considering moving to the SL instead because of the EVF. The M 10 has the OVF. I am use to the MP 240 and 246 and wish I could focus better with my 82 year old eyes. Can you give me a word on the degree on the ease of focus improvement on the M 10 compared to previous Ms and to the superior SL? Thanks,

    • Thought I answered this already? But anyway, the SL to me is the best Manual Focus camera made today for full frame 35mm format. I can focus M lenses perfect every time, without fail. The EVF in the SL beats the Sony, Olympus, Fuji’s with ease and the others even getting close. Size, resolution..clarity. The thumb joystick. One click and you are magnified anywhere you need to be, if needed. The M is smaller, but if your eyes are off (like mine lately) or your RF goes out of whack, it’s game over unless you buy the $550 EVF which sits on top of the M (but will be a slower way of using it compared to the RF or the SL).

      I love the M series. I adore them. The M10 is the best digital M they have ever made in all areas. But when I started seeing OOF images, and images I did not want to miss…I had to go back to my SL, which I did and it’s gorgeous. The SL, technically is a superior camera in build and the menu system is super simple yet offers lots of versatility. The video is great as well and I only use M lenses with my SL.

      The M10 and SL are just drool worthy IMO. Also, the SL kicks my A7RII to the curb in every area for M lens use. No contest.

      • Many thank Steve for your complete answer. You do us all a great service with you candor and wisdom. And thanks for the timely responses.

      • Hi Steve, I am in the exact situation as George P., on the wait list for a M10 from our friend in New York. Traded in my Safari M240 for a SL and got the 24-90 zoom early last year. I use this with my APO 50mm and the 28mm Lux after I read your reviews on this soon to be classic lens. You once said that your traded the SL in order to get the M10 but now it seems that you are using the SL again for the reasons given. The SL is a great no holds bar piece of equipment but the call of the M is also great but I too would trade in my SL and have the classic kit of 28mm Lux, APO 50mm and M90 Elmarit.

  5. I had an M9 and have for a couple of years been using a Q and MM (10760). I’ve placed an deposit for an M10. I’ve done a few test shots. There seems to be a lot of enthusiasm backed up by very solid orders. Till will tell if it can let go of the MM.

  6. the headline shot is an absolute ripper. well done! looks fantastic.

    great review too.

    I cant afford a modern M. But im considering an M8 just to get the Leica experience.

  7. thanks steve for this review.
    is it true that the m10 no longer ha the spirit level display? if so, hardware or could it be fixed in a firmware update?

  8. Great second part review Steve, I noticed over the years the most noticeable color tone that the M9 does really well is greens (grass, trees in the background), they’re always on the yellow side when I shoot with CMOS, the Q specifically. I’ve shot them side by side and my wife sometimes reacts faster than me when we review family photos. Have you noticed any big differences in such color tones from the M10 compared to the 240?

    • The color from the M240 to the 10 is quite different. I see more of the Q IQ in the M10, where the M240, for me had a gentler type of IQ and color. The M10 I see as more bold and higher contrast out of camera. I see this as a better Q and SL sensor for color and ISO. But what each person prefers may be different.

  9. Your reviews are getting pointless for the gear at hand since your composition, timing and eye are making the photos unfairly good. Sorry, I have started visiting your site for the photos instead of the gear. But sure, keep reviewing more gear if you have to 🙂

  10. Very nice reviews of the M10 all over this site. One question…. is this camera also subject to periodic adjustments/calibrations being a RF, similar to the prior versions?

    • Im sure it will be as time goes on. I will say though that I had to send my M8 in twice for calibration, my M9 in 3-4 times when I owned it (it was the worst IMO) and never had to send my M 240 in, ever. So maybe this has been improved over the years.

  11. Steve,

    This is excellent work! Best stuff I have ever seen on your site & super important at this point in time in history. The video is amazing, well done! I live in Canada but I am genuiely freaked out by the direction the US is heading in. We need to save freedom and democracy before it’s too late.

  12. There are some superb photos here, Steve. If you put a press photographer’s name to them they’d be nominated for Pulitzer prizes or something. You really should be a freelance PJ – you already have the right equipment, so why not? You definitely have the eye to go with the camera.

  13. Steve, I enjoyed reading your review even though I have never owned a Leica M system………..though perhaps one day. I must say that I am impressed with the photographs in the review. The “Documentary Style” seems to be something which you excel at.

  14. Hey Steve, the photos… wow!, Strong, they almost make you feel like you were there. The leica, I’d probably never be able own one(even if I had enough money saved) but sure would love to take one for a spin for a day to two.

  15. Important images, thank you.
    Australia knows what it’s like to have a rich dick without empathy at the helm…
    Would you still have that baby Summaron to try on the M10?

  16. Some very nice pictures Steve! There are some real gems in here.

    I can see the M10 has really made gains in IQ and is a very worthy upgrade. I just think it needs a jump in resolution now and it will be everything I want in a camera.

  17. Awesome photos man! Makes me want to get the m10 now. In your opinion do you think the a 35mm or 50mm f/2 summicron would render similar quality photos as your 50mm f1.4 summulix lens? Thanks.

    • The original 50 f/2 Summicron may even do better than the 50 Lux. It has a gorgeous rendering for B&W. In fact, I may pick one up and sell off my lux as I always have loved the rendering of the 50 Cron. The APO is nice too but crazy price. Ive never been a huge 35 Summicron fan myself but the 50, yes. It’s beautiful, especially for B&W.

      • That’s what I have done. I have starting using the 50APO and loved it so much I sold my 50/1.4asph. I also use the 50 Summicron (non APO) quitw a bit which has become my favorite right behind the 50APO. Specially on the M type 240 I prefer the color of the Summicrons and find they have a very pleasant and natural drawing. Also for many things with today cameras f2.0 is fast enough IMO.

  18. Hello

    I’ve just donated for your website to encourage and support these reviews, please keep reviewing M10 , I’ll get mine this Thursday 🙂

    • THANK YOU so much. I appreciate it, and it truly does help. These days, I need it as the more who use their phones these days, the less read about the latest cameras 😉 So thank you.

      • I just realized now that you could donate, I’m going to do that as well! I think Leica shooters love knowing about the new M10 (and other cameras) but especially different lens (old versions of current lens, new ASPH lens, etc) so I’m looking forward to more lens reviews with the M10 : ) Btw, after reading your review I decided to purchase the Sonnar 50mm f1.5!

  19. Good report, the camera is fine too. Really: So sad to see how a rich mobber who turned president will, together with its clique, disrespects and fools the world. Very bad attitude. Dangerous!

  20. Beautiful B&W pics! Just out of curiosity, in two of the photos the face of the woman is super sharp and is brighter than the rest, do you do this in post-processing? I would love to learn from you on this technique, looks really amazing!

  21. I understand the range finder way and so appreciate your comments about the user experience.
    I looked at your colour images on a large screen and there is something of the M9 pop about them which is welcome. Of course I realise that web images are not to be taken too seriously when making such assertions but it did seem so.
    People are saying that that SL shoots super high ISO better? Never ever shoot that high anyway with any camera.
    The SL and the M are completely different cameras agree totally.
    Great review thanks !

    • The M10 is better at high ISO, and not by a small margin. I owned both, and tested them. ISO 12,500 on the M 10 is usable. It’s a new sensor and improved over the SL. Anyone who says SL does better high ISO has not compared them or used the M10.

    • I own both the SL and M10 and find them both quite good at higher ISO, many say the M10 is 1/2 stop better – maybe – I am not really able to detect such small differences.
      IMO it doesn’t really matter, even if there is 1/2 difference. Important is that one is a simple rangefinder (which I love) and the other a very flexible EVF camera.

  22. I guess I don’t see any real difference between these shots and what I see coming out of the 240s. They seem a bit soft. Love the M10s design but I’m not inclined to pull the trigger on this when my Safari is such a great performer. I’d like to see confirmation as to whether or not the sensor in the M10 is different from previous Leica models using CMOS, and what IS different about it. Appreciate the substantive reviews.

  23. Thanks, Steve. IMHO, whatever good there is about the quality of the images – the credit of it should be given to the leica lenses rather than the leica sensor. The sensor looks to be on par with the current industry standard(s), but nothing really distinctive, to my eye.

  24. A camera reviewer who gets out and actually takes real photos in real situations – how crazy is that? Wow, you’re going to really upset the camera review desk-jockeys! I’ve never owned a Leica and probably never will but for the first time I can really understand why I might want to. Keep it up.

    • This is what makes Steve stand out, not repeating photos of dolls and focus cards lol. Remains my fav camera gear review site.

  25. Hi Steve, love the b&w images And agree with what you say about the ‘wise man’ 😉
    I was going to ask but I guess you don’t have a7sii to compare. I still love pictures you did for that review with ultron 35.
    On another note, you mention that it is different kind of users between this and Fuji MF. But I have been thinking about Fuji. I feel that can give ne a different class of rendering over the current a7ii i have. Though m10 will give me different pleasure, i wonder looking at cost which would give me that quality differential. We all have to feed what we get happy with i guess.

  26. Steve just wanna say love your street work just fab shots of the protests the B&W are nice
    The camera looks not bad but I still love that m9 look better hmmmmm
    I guess Leica never going to make a new sensor I like

  27. Another great review! Thank you, Steve!
    The M10 does indeed look very exciting. I shoot primarily B&W and I own a 1st gen Monochrome, which i LOVE. I want an M10 so I begin shooting in color with a Leica. But I have to say your M10 B&W images look really good. Have you had an opportunity to do B&W conversions from the M10’s RAW files or have you only used OOC JPEGS?

  28. Thank you for the great pictures. This is what having an M is ‘ taking pictures. I love to get out of the film trap and shoot with digital. It just makes sense with the faster work flow. More time with family.

    Finally last Sunday I got it. By using an M we can actually act as if we are using a film camera. The experience is really different from using a Sony mirrorless and everything else digital in my opinion.

    My heart just melted seeing the pictures from the M9 what more having an M10. Im so fascinated on night photography although safety is my first concern. Imagine having the 2 lenses you used a 28lux and 50lux.

    Im going for the lenses first before Id buy an M10 maybe within the year as well.

    We are lucky that you give your time doing these review. We are envious as well that you get to do this everyday while we are trap in the rat race.

  29. In the pictures one can see definitely your experience with Leica M. And of course your enthusiasm.
    Very well executed B/W shots and development. You nicely covered the demonstration.
    Taking many Photos with the same subjects in them makes the Demo look a bit small. There where not too many people, right?
    Using the M10 must be fun. I think the output is comparable to the Monochrome, isn´t it?
    By the way, taking Pictures with a Leica is not political correct these days, i think. And of course not working for BMW, if you ask Mr. Trump. By the way, he seems not to know that the biggest BMW factory stands in Spartanburg, USA. And as i heard today 70% of the exports of BMWs to all over the world origins in the USA. So Brandon can be proud of working for BMW in the States. (so, enough politics for this Website, but you just cannot avoid this, hope it doesn’t offend anyone).

  30. Steve,

    Really great B&W conversions. Of course the base images are what make it possible and I’m very impressed with the focus selection and the OOF renderings. This is a great combo and you use it well.

    I like the way you interpret the world around you. This particular set of images is IMO some of your best work.


  31. Good job, Steve. I understand what you say about B&W, it is very natural and nice. Still, I don’t know about M10 colors. I still miss in there the M9 pop.

  32. Thank you for your m10 reviews. I have ordered mine. I’ve Read some reviews about the iso dial, telling it is bad and dificult to push up. What is your opinion?

    • Hello and thank you. Th ISO dial, at 1st (as in the 1st 1-2 days) seems tricky to pull up, but as soon as you figure out how easy it is, it is not an issue. Also, I never even need to dial it up but on the rare occasion when I want ISO 12,500 (which is what I set the M setting for on the dial). I use Auto ISO at all times. But pulling it up is easy once you figure out the technique to do so.

  33. Thankyou for this review, the photographs are to me wonderful, emotive, the soundtrack adds to them and to me reveals your heart, and it resonates with the images. Love it

  34. Great images of the protest, Steve. You captured some deep expressions. Thanks for the detailed review. I have one question, maybe I have missed your statement about this somewhere. The biggest issue I have with the M240 is the startup and wakeup time. How is that with the M10?
    Thanks. D!RK

    • Takes mine about 1/2 second to start and be ready to shoot. I tested this around 10 times. Also may depend on the speed of your SD card. But it’s in no way prohibitive for my use. Power on, 1/2 second later I shoot.

    • Two totally different cameras. I get better IQ out of the M10 with M glass but then again we lose the EVF, and feel of the SL, which I love. The SL is also going to have some amazing Summicron lenses coming out for it, though they will be of the larger variety of course. So two different systems. I had to sell my SL to fund the M10, and I do miss it but I also, for me, prefer the M10 at the end of the day as it does better with M lenses, and does not need an adapter.

      • I am asking myself the same question. I have the SL and thinking to also get the M10. As i believe they truly serve different purposes; eg the SL is superb on studio. On top i was lucky to get the Summilux 50-SL which is absolutely amazing, one big reason to keep the SL.

  35. You are SO right about the user satisfaction dimension, Steve. And it comes over in your M10 images.Sheer enjoyment to read your review. Thanks.

  36. Steve – always love reading when you are truly inspired by a new camera. You mentioned that you usually leave your 90 mm at home. Out of curiosity, which 90 do you currently own?

      • I am looking to add a 90 mm to my bag. How do you compare the 90 elmarit to the 90 APO? A used copy of the elmarit looks like a great deal based on your review from a while back, and for 1 stop (and size) might be a better option for walking around. Thoughts?

  37. Having an M9 and planning to upgrade to the M10. But after reading your post, I concluded that the main feature of the M10, and many other cameras, is that it can help to show some sanity. Thank you for the review and, even more, the photographs.

  38. Thank you, Steve, for this review and, especially for seeing an M with a BLACK dot instead of this horrible RED.
    Next review should be a comparison test with Fuji GFX. That would be very interesting indeed!

    • GFX is the opposite type of camera from an M. I do not think anyone would be trying to decided between one or the other on these two 😉 Big fat MF camera or small sleek Leica M 35mm. Big fat lenses vs small tiny lenses. Rangefinder vs EVF. Fuji will be slower, more expensive and for a different crowd. More for studio and portrait. But in the MF realm, I would not jump to Fuji just yet ; )

  39. Dear Steve I very much enjoyed this review and to me the wonderful photographs along with the soundtrack very emotive thankyou, to me in protrayed your heart and this feeling enhances my enjoyment of these photographs

  40. Great images, Steve. Im glad that you recorded the audio as well. It reaffirms a small blog post I wrote a few years ago called “The Power Of Sound And The Still Image” ( I went to the protest here in Michigan at the Detroit Metro Airport yesterday. I shot film though (and recorded audio), but still need to process it.

  41. Thank you for this report Steve! I’m a little bit disappointed that the M10 still can not compete with 8 year old M9 in terms of ‘pop’. It seems that ancient CCD-sensors are still better than CMOS in this regard. Kind of annoying!

    • I would argue that the M10 does compete with the M9 for pop. I have had the M10 since day one, and had the M9 for 5 years (50,000 shots). The M10 is better on a number of levels, though one could argue that at base ISO, the skin tones of the M9 still look a bit more fluid and natural…my subjective impression

    • I have gone forth and back between M9-M240-M9-M262-M10 S006-S007-S006 (but kept S007).
      I accept if people say they prefer M9 CCD color. For my part after shooting both side by side I have to say that I prefer the newer sensors. There are few images were the M9 just pops more than the M-cmos images, but there are many more where I benefit from the cmos sensors. For example more natural skin in various light, more dynamic range, of course better color in ISO above 640.

      The strange thing is that when starting to use the 240 my memory allways thought ccd was better, ccd was better. But when I finally rebought a M9 and did more direct comparisons and using side by side my eyes couldn’t confirm what I had in my memory.

      My opinion: nothing against those liking and using the M9, but why do we have to read this CCD is better than Cmos again and again. Maybe its different and maybe some prefer ccd, but many prefer the sensors of the M 240 or the M10, for good reasons.

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