New Firmware Version 3.0 for the Leica SL Now Available!

New Firmware for the Leica SL

May 31, 2017 Firmware version 3.0 for the Leica SL-System is now available for download. The Leica SL’s range of functions and customization options in both photo and video modes has been comprehensively expanded.  The update significantly reduces the time required for saving DNG RAW image files to SD memory cards and enhances the speed, accuracy and handling of the autofocus system.  Version 3.0 also includes built-in automated firmware updates for the Leica Vario-Elmarit–SL 24–90 mm f/2.8–4 ASPH. and Leica APO-Vario-Elmarit-SL 90–280 mm f/2.8-4 lenses, for further performance optimizations. Accompanying this release of new firmware, updates are also available for the Leica Image Shuttle software (Mac & Windows), the Adobe®Lightroom® Tethered Plugin (Mac & Windows) and the Leica SL App (iOS & Android).

Faster saving of image files

The time required for saving files to the SD card has been reduced by up to 35%. This means that the buffer memory of the camera is cleared more rapidly and is ready for use again much sooner.  Photographers will notice this most when the camera is in continuous shooting mode.

Enhanced Workflow with Independent Photo/Video Settings

Video and photo exposure settings are now independent of each other, no longer needing to be adapted when switching from one mode to the other. By making these settings separate of each other, the new firmware makes shooting photo and video faster and more convenient, speeding up a mixed-media workflow.  Photographers also now have the options to capture photos exclusively with the electronic shutter. This enables completely silent exposures in a shutter speed range from 1s to 1/16,000s.

The firmware update also includes the following additions and optimizations:

  • An option for saving DNG and JPEG files separately on different memory cards (e.g. DNG to SD1 and JPEG to SD2).
  • A new video mode: Ultra HD at a frame rate of 24 frames per second (3840×2160 @ 24 fps).
  • Optimized “Flash” white balance pre-set, for use with studio flash systems.
  • Continuous exposure preview in LiveView when using manual exposure mode.
  • The last magnification location of the playback zoom function is now saved to enable easier and faster checking of critical focus.
  • Aperture and shutter speed settings can now be assigned to either the front or the rear dials.
  • In AF Tracking mode, the AF point can now be assigned either to a fixed starting position or will vary depending on the last used AF point location.
  • Option for 6x magnification with one press of the AE/AF button while in Manual Focus mode.
  • Direct on-the-fly control of audio recording levels is now possible by toggling the joystick left or right on the live histogram screen.

In total, the new firmware update brings 31 improvements to the photo and video functions.


  1. Leica now delivers what they promised for the SL in the first place. The 3.0 firmware makes both body and my SL 24-90 very zippy in combination, First impressions are promising. One trend of the past months will continue the materialize: I have less and less use for my remaining Lux 50 ASPH and the APO Cron 75mm because the 24-90 is just so incredibly good and useful. For Bokeh, I put it to 90 and accommodate to the scene by moving further out. Nothing new for an experienced M User anyway. 😉

  2. The continuous exposure preview in manual mode is very smart. When you shoot against the light, the camera would ‘expose’ for the highlights, making it harder to both frame and focus your subject. This is fixed now. Well done!

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