The Monarch BOA Camera Strap. Awesome, Beautiful and Unique. (Video Review)

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The Monarch BOA Camera Strap. Awesome, Beautiful and Unique.

By Steve Huff

See my video review/overview below

(Video review is above) You know it is not every day the I get in a strap for review. It’s only ever other day ; ) In all seriousness I do get quite a few straps in the Huff household that companies or individuals send in for review. Some I end up reviewing, and some I do not. Because I review the gear and accessories I like and love, many do not cut it. Most straps today are copies of other straps. I like originality and these straps that came in from are GORGEOUS in look, and construction. Solid, beautiful and obviously made with love, thee straps offer up something different compared to the same old same old canvas, rope or skinny leather strap we see so much of. Available in different colors, and even leather, these straps will be comfy, and make a statement.

The Strap on my EM1 MKII

Now I said all I could say in the 8 minute video above, so not much else to say here but I will say that these are simply some of the nicest straps I have ever come across. Beauty. Craftmanship. Unique. All of these words come to mind when I attached one to my camera. Starting at $70, they are also affordable for a high end strap. MUCH nicer than any Artisan and Artist strap I have owned, and those cost MUCH more.


These straps are made to be tough according to Monarch…and I believe them. These are some of the toughest well made straps I have come across.

The cream colored strap on me EM1 MKII in the video above is staying on my EM1 MKII. It’s simply gorgeous and probably the best strap I have had on one of my mirrorless cameras..ever. I still love the Tie Her Up straps (especially for rangefinders, Leica, etc) but now Monarch has made their way into my top two for sure.

So if you are looking for a new strap and want something different yet beautiful. Something larger and secure and tough, and one you can even customize to your own length or color, then be sure and check out these BOA straps at 


  1. Nice review, I ordered it on-line in July 23 on the Monarch site, but should have inquired first, as they seem out of business now.
    (I even paid, strange this is still possible, so I lost 160 usd).
    Just an update here, alerting other potential buyers.
    Thank you

  2. This looks very good. Considering Steve has similar fit to me, I’m going for it. Thank you for post, Steve.

    • “..the opposite of cheap isn’t ostentatious”. I’d not buy that Thomas chestnut. Tat, kitsch and other god-awful design can be highly expensive. There’s no rule. I’m sure you can think of examples.

      What counts are top quality materials and excellent design (often simple). The stuff I mentioned has both, no matter what you pay.
      Here’s one for you and, sorry, it’s not mine: a fool and his money are soon parted.

      And you’re right, “being cheap doesn’t make you smart”. But smart people make good choices of parameters, ie they exercise discrimination, and just sometimes that may include cheap, for whatever reason (in this case an artefact of history where quality and quantity was paramount).


  3. I may have to give this strap(s) a miss. Not sure where the market is for them but in my frequent trips to London and home via the US east coast I don’t see folk with too much ostentatious camera bling. Harlem, perhaps?

    Here’s a free ultra-high fashion tip: NOS webbing (made in Canada) from 1943-1945 as issued to all British Commonwealth forces is still readily available along with the high quality brass fittings. With minimal modification the slimmer straps (which have slightly widened areas over the shoulder) can be adjusted to preferred lengths, look quietly cool and won’t have you approached by that Harlem gentleman.
    (Sorry, they don’t come in a tin cans..)

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