My Fave Camera bag under $180 (Fashion & Function). The Blackforest Bags Vinson.

My Fave Camera bag under $180 (Fashion & Function). The Blackforest Bags Vinson.

By Steve Huff

The Video….

Hey everyone! Happy hump day! Today I take a look at a camera bag I have bene using for the last two months. The VINSON. For under $180 you get a nice, well made, leather and canvas bag that is functional and fashionable. See it in the video below. At this price this one is tough to beat for style and substance.

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Video shot with the Sony A9 and 28 f/2 as well as the Ice Light 2



    • No, you are mistaken. For the money this costs, you can not beat it if you want a bag that looks as good as it functions. Other bags like this go for MUCH more, some up to $800. So this is awesome, and priced very very right. Now, if you mean those $30 bags at Best Buy, sure, but they will not be anything like this bag for those who, again, want style and function and build/quality of materials.

        • Hi Steve.
          While I always enjoy your gear reviews, I must agree with Alejandro…I much prefer the functionality and practicality of thinkTANKPhoto shoulder bags and backpacks! I’m one of those guys that couldn’t care less about a bag’s “style”, but put a premium on a bag’s function and utility! Indeed, the Vinson does look nice, however, I always question the metal “snap buckle” design for one reason: When not “snapped” closed, they make a loud noise as the snap portions bang into the buckle portion, on any movement!! Hasn’t anyone else noticed that? It would obviously NOT work in any venue where noise would be a distraction. Other than the leather highlights,, it doesn’t seem to offer any more in the way of functionality that any of a few dozen other brands offer. Thank you.

          • That is why there are so many bags out there, we all have different and valid tastes ; ) No one is wring or right, it’s all a personal choice. For each one of you who prefer something else, there is someone who prefers this, or a different solution. It is what it is ; )

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