DO NOT buy this Leica SL on Amazon!

DO NOT buy this Leica SL on Amazon!

Just a heads up. On Amazon there can be some shady sellers. When I buy or link to amazon, I only link to or buy using Amazon Prime or using Amazon as the shipper or in rare cases, from a seller I trust who sells on Amazon. I avoid those I do not know, like the hone below trying to sell the camera for more than it goes for.

Yes, this Leica SL listed on Amazon via prime (BUT NOT shipped from Amazon), is a rip off:

So why is it a rip off? Because it is priced over list price of $5995. This seller is trying to sell the camera OVER the price Leica says to sell it for by about $650!

This camera now sells for $5995 which is $1500 less than it used to sell for. Still expensive but it’s an SL and it is a Leica, so what do you expect? ; )

You can find it on Amazon for normal price, via prime but sold by Camera West (shipped by them, not Amazon):

You can also find it for a great price from Ken Hansen by emailing him at or check out as well. Both legendary Leica dealers whom I have bought from for 9-10 years now.

It seems some out there were not aware the Leica SL has dropped in price as someone emailed me asking if the $6600 price was a good buy. Eek! So I felt I should post this info in case anyone else was not aware.

Have a great night all!


  1. Hi Steve, your Amazon links go direct to the U.S. site and directly to the item you linked. But if I change from the U.S. site to our U.K. site the link is broken as this sends me to Amazons home page and not the item linked. Surely that does not help you and we have no link to your item. What is the best way for us living outside the states to go direct to the items you like which will also help you and this site?

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