New Hasselblad X1D Firmware 1.19 Is Released!

New Hasselblad X1D Firmware 1.19 Is Released!

Hasselblad has now once again released new firmware to improve the X1D, and these improvements…many have been waiting for them.

See the video below, as it explains it all! Kudos to Hasselblad for continuing to make improvements to this amazing camera.

With the new 1.19 firmware update the X1D is now even more user friendly and customisable with a new function to use the rear screen as a touch-pad to select AF point while viewing through the EVF.

Further, the update for the X1D includes the following new features:

  • Touch-pad selection of AF point
  • New setting: Live view in EVF only
  • Custom buttons
  • New setting: Max aperture (Lens bokeh) (makes the balls round)
  • Create new folder
  • Toggle overlay in Video Live View with display button

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  1. Great news again from Hasselblad.
    The X1D is improving every time a new firmware is released.
    I am surprised to find out how good the AF selection with the touch pad works.
    I thought that this would not be very practical, fiddling around with a left hand finger while looking through the EVF, but IMO this is by far better then using a joy-stick.
    Well done Hasselblad!
    Liveview in EVF only is expected to improve battery live (currently around 200 shots maximum, which is fine for me as I do not make so much pictures compared to an A9 🙂 )


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