Hasselblad updates the X1D yet again. New Firmware 1.20 available NOW.

Hasselblad updates the X1D yet again. New Firmware 1.20 available NOW.

The Hasselblad X1D (Now $2k off of the black edition)  is continually being updated by Hasselblad and man, this is so awesome to see. Since I purchased one, they have released two updates that improves the functionality of the camera in a very welcoming way. ; ) You can get the new FW HERE.

You can now grab firmware version 1.20 which includes the much asked for updates:

  • Instant preview and image browsing in EVF
  • Selectable Crop Modes: 1:1, 7:6, 5:4, 3:2, 3:2 cropped, 16:9, 65:24, 2:1, A4, US Letter. Crop modes are only image tags, full sensor area is still recorded.
  • Back-up to secondary card
  • Added EXIF tag: Lens Model
  • Sprit level overlay: More info added (Exposure time, Aperture value, ISO)
  • Touchpad: Pan in zoomed-in EVF live view
  • Touchpad: Move focus point with HDMI attached screen
  • Contrast auto focus with XH adapter*



  1. Steve, basically I decided to purchase this 4116 package based on your blind purchase. I love it and I hate it…. love it for being so perfect and hating it because it shows me all my flaws as a photographer. Live it again because it forces me to think about taking a shot. Luckily my RX1R mk1 covers my behind for “snapshots”. I hope you will also review the new lenses as they will be released through 2018. I’m really happy with the 45 but undecided on what lens to compliment it with. The 90, 120 or more. Street, landscape and portrait snaps are my thing.
    Do you know if they could get UHS 2 Support for faster read/write on the sd cards through firmware? It just would make the camera more street worthy if I could review pictures just a tad quicker in full zoom.

  2. Steve!!!! You got me hooked on the leica SL. Now im totally hooked on the hasselblad. Planning a trip to europe then to africa and this would be awesome to have!!! I think we need to stop watching your hasselblad videos over and over again. Lol love your work!!!

  3. The release notes for the new release on their website lists the HC lenses that the X1D can now autofocus. However, it says the lens firmware has to be upgraded to ver 19.0.2. I’ve looked and I cannot find that version on their website. Anybody know where it is?

  4. Hi Steve, The sale price and your great reviews make this tempting! Have you noticed any improvement in shutter lag following the updates you’ve experienced?

    • I do ot notice any shutter lag, and that is honest. When I shoot the X1D it is always a pleasing experience. Never fails me, and always gets the shot I want. I use it only for one thing really but this camera can be used for just about anything. It’s a beauty for sure. The last 3 FW updates has transformed it from what it used to be IMO.

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