SlutWalk with Leica M10 and 28 Summaron By Tomer Vaknin

SlutWalk with Leica M10 and 28 Summaron
By Tomer Vaknin
Hello everyone. it’s been a while since my last article and since my last time I had free time for some Street Photography.I managed to free myself for a couple of hours and went to the SlutWalk to take some photos and help sharing their protest

The SlutWalk began 7 year ago in 2011 when during an Academic discussion in Toronto a police officer said that women need to be more careful with what they are wearing and not dressing like a “Slut”.
The statement of this Police officer received media resonance in Canada and around the world and this was the first step to what we know today as the SlutWalk, the protest against rape culture.
In Israel, the 7th SlutWalk was taking place and I was trying to do my part by sharing with you all this knowledge.

My gear of choice like always is the Leica M10 with the amazing Summaron-M 28mm f/5.6 Lens. (Steve;s review of this lens is HERE)
In my opinion the Summaron-M 28mm f/5.6 is the best lens I have ever used and it serves me in more than 90% of my photography.
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Thank you very much
Tomer Vaknin
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  1. I think an iPhone X would be better and faster than any Leica for this type of photography – and more discreet – unless these ladies don’t mind having their bits blatantly photographed

  2. As a reportage it mirrors well the rage of the protesters. First time I heard about it and I find it a violent or hateful (judging for the words I can read) answer to a commentary of a police that just dialogue had been enough to solve. I believe in equality for all but not much in this protests that seems to happen in countries were neither there is not a rape culture nor they are done when leaders of countries where there is rape culture actually visit the countries of the protesters.

  3. I agree a lady would not dress like this- it kind of diminishes their cause in my humble opinion.

  4. It seems you liked your set up and the event. However I can’t see and have no clou whatsowever what makes this F5.6 your first choice. There is no pop out and no bokeh to be seen.
    Any 28mm lens can do this (better), any Elmarit and Summicron as well if you choose the red dot firm that is not afraid to charge extra money for nothing special.

  5. Seems like a bunch of females (hard to call them ladies) with nothing better to do. Your photography is far more interesting than their cause, if you even want to call it that.

    • Steve, do you allow such comments on your website? I mean, this comment has nothing to do with photography, just pure degradation of the subjects in the photos.

      • Well, IMO it is a rude comment but it is his opinion. I disagree with it, but it is his opinion. I am sure he will be in the minority here. IMO, protests are important and allow individuals to stand up for what they believe in, and to make a stand when they are either mistreated, misinformed or need to be heard and seen for their cause. James is sort of hateful in his comment but that is on him, no one else. I respect the women here for what they are doing.

    • James, you’re not a real man if you can’t see why this matters. Please educate yourself like a real man, I feel it’ll benefit yourself and the world around you. If people like you were REAL men, then women could continue to be “ladies” as you put it. It’s a shame that you look at something like this and don’t think how YOU could change to better these “females” lives.

      And to the photographer.. Protests are difficult and messy. It’s generally best to use faster apertures as a way to direct the attention of the audience towards what you think should be the focal point in each scene. Right now although you captured the overall essence of the protest there were too many photos and it ended up feeling a bit messy and could have been accomplished better in one photo rather than a bunch. Had you perhaps used DOF to your advantage you could have captured various aspects of a unifying message and that would have made your series less messy and stronger overall.

    • Life is made glorious by different people and different cultures behaving and acting differently.
      Down with globalism and the ensuing mono-culture.
      Variety makes life interesting and the world a great place to be and photograph

  6. Why do you combine the words rape and culture? There are hate crimes, not hate crimes. Just saying.

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