Hasselbad X1D new Firmware V 1.21 is LIVE!

Hasselbad X1D new Firmware V 1.21 is LIVE!

Hey guys, or should I say, HEY X1D owners…

New firmware is now live for the X1d in version 1.21. It includes the following upgrades for your X1D camera..

*Highlighted features include a White Balance Tool, allowing the photographer to set the colour temperature and tint directly on a photograph when shooting. In addition, the firmware now offers an Interval Timer and Exposure Bracketing. Using the Interval Timer, photographers can further their creativity with time-lapse shots. Exposure Bracketing gives users options in their exploration of varied exposure settings, capturing up to 9 frames with customisable sequences of bracketing exposures.


  • White balance tool
  • Interval timer
  • Exposure bracketing
  • Audio notifications
  • Tethered image import
  • Reset all settings: Option to disable reset of profiles
  • Power Off symbol while shutting down
  • Improved feedback to user when missing card in backup mode
  • Browse Zoom: Long-hold to zoom in to 100% or out to full image (X1D: Hold the AF-D/AE-L button; H6D: Hold the True Focus button)
  • New setting: Shutter speed limit for Auto ISO, P- and Full Auto Mode
  • Custom Button for Crop Modes – Replace “Crop Mode Cycle” with “Crop Mode Next” and “Crop Mode Previous”
  • Zoom into coordinates of the focus point for the image just taken
  • Browse images and pan when zoomed-in in EVF with swipe on touch-pad area on display
  • Start live view automatically in EVF after browsing on rear LCD
  • X1D – Audio playback through camera speaker during video playback
  • Auto focus support for all HC/HCD Lenses (except HC120 Macro) when using the XH Lens Adapter

Hasselblad has improved this camera so much since launch, and I am happy to see them still improving it! I am currently at the massive SONY KANDO 2.0 trip in Montery and it is already starting off to be an amazing event for photographers who have come in from all over to enjoy the workshops, shoots, and events here on site. I will have video update from Kando 2.0 soon!


  1. HI Steve I sold some Leica cameras i.e. the SL and Q and some Leica lenses and I am excited about the X1D in fact Im looking at the 4116. But I have talked to some users and read some reviews and they have issues which they say are basic and are turn offs to a $10,000 camera.
    There are the following: Slow power-on time, black outs between shots, auto ISO issues, very slow auto focus, bad focus point user system, etc which I know you are aware of. I do a lot of travelling so I do street and travel photography. I presently use and love my M10 and just do focal distance focusing where I set my aperture to 8 and set the distance setting on the lens and fire away. I would like to take or have higher resolution photos which can come from a medium format but I also am turned off with the size of the Fuji GFX thats why I am seriously looking at the X1D. Would appreciate your advise based on my issues above if they WILL BE addressed by firmware updates or there will be a later model like a X2D that will address all of this issues so I can postpone my purchase using hard earned cash hahaha. I know so many returns and are selling their X1D as used. Would greatly appreciate your help as I always go to your reviews before I buy a new camera. Thank you and more power!!!

    • The X1d is gorgeous. Best design, menu and build of any camera I have used. Truly a beautiful piece. IQ is best there is, low light? Does not get any better. Quite different from an SL. The SL is 35mm, X1D medium format-ish. Different IQ styles with the X1D having am ore accurate color signature and gorgeous 50MP files. The X1D is not a DSLR or fast mirrorless. It’s one shot at a time camera. One that you plan your shot out with. I use it for extreme low light music clubs and no other camera can beat it for that, and I have tried them all. The GFX? Forget it. Tried it and hated it. It’s huge, fat, heavy, bulky and low light is not up to par with X1D. It has gorgeous files as well but for a walk around light camera? NO. Teh X1D is the only MF camera to offer this. The latest firmware updates have really improved it, and I mean, a lot. I have zero issues with the X1D. Zero. But I do not think it is a DSLR or Mirrorless replacement. It is not made for speed, gimmicks, etc. Just gorgeous design, usability and output.

  2. According to Hasselblad’s Chief of Chief of Strategy responding to this issue,
    “Auto ISO in manual – I explained on your post in the X1D FB group that this sensor generation can only be adjusted in 1/3 stop increments, but aperture/shutter can be 1, 1/2 or 1/3 – which means you may land up with a 1/6th stop mismatch. There would be more complaints of inconsistent exposure than requests so far for auto-ISO in manual, so we picked the lesser evil…”

  3. Great news on a great camera – Hasselblad a company brave enough to try a completely new concept in an already saturated highend market.

    However, I am waiting for an Auto-ISO setting in full M mode before I will consider to re-try one of those gems (X1D)

    • Martin, I’ve been on Hasselblad for ages now to add auto-ISO to M mode. I have no idea why they don’t do it. Being stubborn like another Euro camera maker we all know and love/hate 😀

        • Upon my former request for Auto-ISO in M-mode I received the following answer from Beatrice Dobirta from the Hassy support team:
          “…This is not on the immediate list unfortunately. It requires the possibility to set ISO (internally) in 1/3 or 1/6 steps and this cuts through the system deeply and we have decided to focus on other features right now. It may come in future firmware….”

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