Hasselblad X1D DISCONTINUED. What does this mean?

Hasselblad X1D DISCONTINUED. What does this mean?

Well, the Hasselblad X1D has been discontinued. According to B&H Photo this camera is no more. All they have left is the X1D Field Kit with 3 lenses, the 30, 45 and 90mm lenses with two batteries and a body for $16k or so. This is about a $1500 reduced price from what it used to be.

It appears that Hasselblad just dropped this body without warning or notice. We have not seen any sneak peaks from them of what is to come, and this was a surprise to me!

So what do you think is on the horizon for Hasselblad in this space? Will they bring out an X1D MKII or X2D? I think they will, as they have to. They now have a solid system with some beautiful lenses. My guess is they will release a pretty solid update that solves all issues many had with the X1D. I just hope they stick with the same concept. Beautiful, Simple and Quality files.




  1. I just did a photoshoot today with the Nikon D850 and the 70-200 and the 85mm portrait lens. However, I did a few test shots with the X1D and their 90mm. The X1D shots were spectacular, outshine the D850, and those were setting up test shots with lighting adjustments till needing to be made. Love that camera. I’ll use if for years to come.

  2. It’s a real pity that Hasselblad have not given any formal indication of what is to come and when. I am looking for an X1-D and I am finding it very difficult to find one in stock anywhere in the US – even in the UK. From my research the X2-D or X1-D Mk II is not likely to be a 100 mp – that’s my information. Of course they could be bringing out both 50 and 100 MP versions. I need to have one by June – any suggestions?

  3. What I have not seen in these posts is any discussion of the images produced by the cameras. I own both a Leica M10 system and a X1d 50c, I hardly use the Leica and may decide to sell it. The images produced by the X1d are spectacular. 16 bit processing makes a huge difference. The last time I had results that were remotely this good was with a 16mp Kodak back on a Hassy, that was also a camera with 16mp thru-put.

    Critics of the camera should at least use it in the modes for which it was intended. Yes, there’s plenty or room for improvement but what the camera does well it does better than any alternative I’ve seen. Fuji? Forget it; look at the prints you get out of the competing cameras. Color rendition is the X1d’s strength. Place a print next to a still life you photographed–you’ll be astounded.

  4. They could retrofit the old bodies, change the 1 to a 2 and have a pretty substantial initial production of bodies to phase into the next chapter. Or they could wait until all remaining X1D”s are sold and then release the X2D either way they have a few months before suicide is necessary.

  5. I too was shocked to see that the X1D was discontinued on the B&H site. I thought I’d missed the announcement of the X1D mkII (or X2D, or whatever). But apparently I haven’t yet missed anything.
    We all know that the X1DII is coming, and will be 100MP. The Sony sensor roadmap has shown us what is coming for a year now. (https://www.dpreview.com/news/1171953770/sony-s-sensor-roadmap-includes-150mp-medium-format-chip-for-2018)
    Jim Reed from Hasselblad was kind enough to loan me an X1D and two lenses when it first came out. I said then and I’ll say it again now that I love this camera. It is the most beautiful camera that I have ever used, or held.
    Shutter lag. Reallllly long shutter lag. Which is fine for what some people shoot. Landscapes? This thing must be amazing. But I photograph people and, for the way I shoot, I just couldn’t hit my marks on timing. I just couldn’t get it like I can with ever other camera that I’ve ever owned.
    But now that the X1DII is coming (please?), I am hoping hoping hoping that those issues are taken care of. I haven’t been this excited to be on the verge of spending this much money since the day that we closed on our house.

  6. I have the X1D with 45mm and 90mm, but that 45mm has given me some headaches, suddenly it stops focusing and i need to take the lens on and off to make it work again, and then after a few minutes then stops again. I did send it for service and it was fine for a few months now the issue is back again.

    But the 90mm for now, and very pleased with the result im getting with it, the only thing im thinking of now is either to buy the 30mm or the 21mm …

    But back to your topic, I think X2D or X1D ii will come out with a 100mp sensor, but the xcd lenses will still work on it.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. I contacted Hasselblad today Feb 15, ’19, they told me the X1D is NOT being discontinued. My understanding from Hasselblad is when B&H runs out of a product they state it’s ‘discontinued’ instead of stating they are ‘out of stock’, which is an odd and confusing. B&H wasn’t able to clarify any of this. Guess we’ll wait and see…

    • Problem is that it has showed as discontinued at other locations, and B&H simply puts “out of stick: or “more on the way:” when out of stock. I have never seen them use “discontinued” when a product was out of stock. We will see I guess but if it is not, then Hasselblad needs to contact the shops who are saying it has been discontinued and tell them you change that notice.

      • I just used the X1D on a shoot today and I have all these beautiful lenses! B&H is about to ship me my new 135mm with the 1.7 converter…. I better be able to use these on future camera bodies!!!!

    • Hi, I heard from a European retailer that the production of the X1D is now on hold or stopped by Hasselblad. They do not provide any new X1D

  8. Looks like I dodged a bullet. I was really close to buying the X1D and finally went with the M10 (don’t ask. I know it’s a bit odd.)

  9. In the digital days Hasselblad behaves rather oddly. Making eccentric cameras for no one is what I mean. I handled the Lunar years ago and that was my full impression… Perhaps to be in the future right tomorrow.

  10. Was in B&H Thursday 13th Feb. and saw the regional Sales & Marketing Specialist Jim Reed. He was demonstrating various Hasselblad products including the X1D. When I mentioned reading about it’s discontinuance he said it was not. That they had just sold all the stock but he gave no further information.

  11. Steve, you may remember that I tried hard to like the X1D but it was for me perhaps the most disappointing camera I have ever handled in my whole career. It is a lovely thing to hold but it lacks any meaningful processing power and operated so slowly and clunkily I could never live with it. I am not surprised it has died. It deserves to – as in my opinion it was barely fit for purpose.

    It is a shame to see choice reduced, so I am hoping Hassy will keep the faith and bring out an X2D. I wish them luck.

    By the way, if you could not get past the handling of the Fuji GFX50S, take a look at the 50R. In my humble opinion, it is pretty much everything the X1D should have been. Its my new fave camera :).

    YMMV, Peace and love from England.

    • I bet the 50R is a great camera. But the x1d-for me- fits much better my hans- I can even use it one handed. The black out of the x1d sometimes feels way too long, but the size and feel and portability is great and no other MF camera-system comes close in this regard so far.

  12. Well.. the issue with this camera, is that though undoubtedly lovely and with an absolutely stunning design, it is just preposterously overpriced. That’s why basically no one bought it.. and not to mention the endless bugs and shortcomings it has had from day one. If they are to upgrade it now with a new version featuring the new 100MP sensor, of it will have to sell it for 50% more or double the price. Surely they cannot come up with a new version costing the same as the old camera or at a lower price to be more competitive, that’s not happening. So, who’s gonna buy it? If almost no one bought the mkI, who will buy a mkII for even more that in any way I can justify the production costs or even the existence of it? As a boutique brand now part of the DJI, I think it’s a lovely concept, but as a viable system with any kind of future, this had basically nowhere to go. Fuji has nailed it with their rangefinder medium format, their price point, and their echo system. I can’t see any future for Hasselblad wotu this product aside from becoming a marketing name that brands DJI’s high end camera products.

    • I really don’t think so. That’s a suicide if they decide to stop 50mp and replace with 100. Fuji is just a bigger sensor Nikon and some sweet candies around it and there is no problem with that. But Hasssy shouldn’t be the system get in the game with gadgets. I believe , if they are smart enough, next is a fully improved 50mp body with the same price with the option for already owners to swap the system. Even before that, and more crucial is to fully fix/rebuild the Phocus software. Cheers,

      • It’s a suicide if they decide to stay 50mp, because that means they need to use a many years old sensor in a camera which is about the same price as the fuji using the new BI 100mp sensor. Ultimately, it’s not Hassy or Fuji who can decide how many pixels they want. It’s Sony.

  13. The X1D seemed like such a beautiful camera it made me think about adding medium format. I hope there is a new model or two on the way. The Fuji GFX models have a relatively low price but for me to spend a large amount on a new system, it has to be beautiful as well as capable and feel great to hold and shoot.

  14. What does it mean? The Chinese owners have found a newer shiny object to pursue. They’ll pass it on to another VC group for more money than they paid for it.

  15. Whether you think the Fuji is clunky or not, it is at the right price point to bridge the gap between FF and MF for mainstream pros and enthusiasts. The X1D never competed in price, and really needed a focal plane shutter to offer flexibility.

    • It offers flexibility – it does flash better. I bought one 6 months ago at a great price even though I knew the next generation was coming. It is the most amazing camera and I will not feel the need to upgrade to the much higher priced new model/models. I wish I had pulled the purchase trigger a year earlier. I am also using a Leica m 75 APO on it and get full sensor coverage with some soft vignetting at extreme corners wide open. Hassy is not dead – they are well funded and rolling out new glass. Discontinued means owners will not be ticked off if new model comes out just after they purchase old model. People are never happy in general but I am happy. Unfortunately most negative posts are by people who do not own the product.

      • Whatever are the negative comments of the camera, it delivers great pictures..and that is the most important thing. Speaking from a user’s p9int fo view. No regrets at all..serves my needs and I just need to go out and use it more.

    • I am curious- did you actually purchase the clunky Fuji at the lower price. I sold camera glass to get the love of my life. I would never buy anything that I did not love much less clunky…

  16. All

    My guess is we will see two announcements in the coming year. An X1D Mk2 with the same sensor, improved processing, and new firmware, to make the camera what it really needed to be. Next, an X2D with the new-ish 100MP sensor.


  17. It’s possible that only B&H has decided to discontinue carrying it. No one else has declared it discontinued and it is widely available elsewhere.

  18. You should have sold yours a few months ago like I suggested 😉 Now you’ll have a take beating to upgrade to the Mark II. Oh well easy come easy go 🙂

  19. Do still have your X1D? If so, do you think this is a camera system worth updating, or was this a one-and-done?

    They have made several firmware updates during the X1D’s life and introduced several lenses so continuing the line makes sense. However pricing will have to be a bit more aggressive… the Fuji versions are less costly.

    • The Fuji, for me was not even close in build, feel, control, menu, or low light. Same sensor but different processing. I tried the Fuji and for me, I had no interest in it and wouldn’t have taken it if it were $500. I would have never used it. Large, clunky, and not enjoyable. The X1D cost more but it was worth that extra for some. Who knows what will happen, but I think a new body has to be coming soon. Has to! From what I have been told in the recent past, the company is pretty committed to the system. I guess we shall see. But Hasselblad has the name recognition like Leica. It’s kind of like saying a Leica M should be priced like a Fuji. Will never happen, and a Fuji can not even begin to compare to the experience or build or heritage of a Leica M. So I do not see Hasselblad lowering prices, rather keeping them the same or higher and just making mass improvements to the camera. But I could be wrong!

      • Steve, I sold my m240 and lenses to buy a gfx 50R. I hated the look and feel of that camera. It felt so plasticky and cheap. I couldn’t get myself to use it. I had to sell it, and get an m10. I’m much happier with the M10.

      • Have to chuckle slightly at your comments Steve, you’re right that Fuji does not compete with the likes of Leica or Hasselblad, because at the end of the day their products are so much better than anything either of those names has put out in a long time. There is no better rangefinder than the X-Pro2, it’s the camera that the innovator Oscar Barnack would have designed if he was alive today, objectively better than an M in just about every way that actually matters to getting the shot. Likewise the 50R is head and shoulders above the X1D as an actual functioning camera system, and the 100mp model they have in the works is clearly going to blow everything away. Fuji design and build better products because their focus is on building actual cameras and enabling photographers to use them as actual cameras, rather than as status symbols and collector pieces. That, at the end of the day is what matters and what builds the heritage and history of a camera brand, not the nonsense that Leica and Hasselblad are putting out these days.

        • The X-Pro 2 is not a rangefinder ; ) As for the 50R, we can agree to disagree. I know many who prefer the X1D to the Fuji and vice versa. The X1d is gorgeous in all ways from design, to feel, to build, to usability, to simplicity to IQ… where for me the Fuji is clunky, large, and doesn’t feel even 1/4 as good in the hand. This is coming from a guy who has held and used both. But some will prefer one, some will prefer the other. The way it is, was and always will be ; )

          • The X-Pro2 is a rangefinder. It’s a modern autofocus digital camera with face and eye detection and fast tracking also, but switch to manual and pull up the ERF (electronic rangefinder) patch in the optical viewfinder, and its a rangefinder. You have an optical view with frame lines and parallax correction, you have sight outside the frame, you have no interruptions or blackout, and you have a visual focussing aid to achieve focus. It can even show a split image view if you like, not a simulation or emulation but a split image using the same optical principles as any other rangefinder. It’s a rangefinder, in practice and by any logical definition. The fact that it doesn’t use the same mechanism as a Leica, the fact that the likes of you and Leica haven’t caught onto it yet, that’s immaterial.

  20. The rumour sites have been full of the registration of the X1D Mk II name with Bluetooth so we at least know that there’ll be connectivity complementary to Wi-Fi. I’m hopeful that this will a genuine Mk II rather than a revolutionary move. Does Hasselblad ever make announcements at major shows like CP+?

  21. Things that make you go hmmmm. Is it normal to discontinue a camera model, without introducing it’s successor? What are your thoughts Steve? Is the company financially stable?

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