Canon EOS R Leaked, new Lenses, Specs…

Canon EOS R Leaked, new Lenses, Specs…

The images and specs have leaked. The new Canon EOSR will be officially announced on September 5th but as always, there have been leaks. For me Canon has some VERY interesting things coming. How about a new 28-70 f/2 lens? A new 50 1.2? These and many more lenses are going to be announced for the new EOS R camera.

Here are the specs from 

These are not final specs or all specs…there’s still much we do not know.

What we do not know? Is 4K cropped? Will there be 120FPS? Dual card slots? IBIS? Not sure yet but these new lenses look amazing! There will be an adapter for current canon EF lenses, so they will not mount natively. With that said, how about that low  light EV -6 auto focus? This camera with the 50 1.2 will focus in darkness and be a low light beast.

I feel this camera is made to compete with the Sony A7III and more than likely another body may be coming down the road, higher res, to compete against the Sony A7RIII. Price is already rumored at $1900 for this body, but keep in mind, this price is rumored and not official.

This camera will have a full flip out screen, something the new Nikon Z series and Sony cameras currently lack. I will make a prediction now and that is that this will become the #1 camera sold for vlogging and YouTube just due to the flip out screen and it being full frame, and smaller than the 6DII ; )

Yep, this will have Canons famous dual pixel AF as well, which is excellent. Superb.

So far, the Canon looks like pretty nice but we just do not have all of the specs just yet, and they will not fully officially hit until the 5th. So soon.

In order to match the Sony A7III this EOS R will need to well, match the Sony. Dual Card slots, Good battery, IBIS..and if it has these things, add the swivel screen, dual pixel AF, -6 EV focusing, and the Canon touch screen, well now we have some serious competition for Sony.

Exciting times ahead! More to come…


  1. Actually I purchased the EOS R the day it was released. Found it to produce some of the best images I’ve seen lately.
    Been doing architectural photography now for 40 years and plan to use the EOS R now for many assignments.
    Canon got it right this time , its a great camera.

  2. Right now, Sony still win for me, simply as they’re the more complete system with a good selection of native lenses – including third party manual lenses. We will need to wait a good few years for the competition to catch up. Saying that, here’s hoping the Canon can fill the gaps left by Nikon.

  3. Just read through the full 15 page PDF of specifications (official from Canon). Sony need not worry. Shockingly, EOS R has no IBIS. Every other high end mirrorless body has it. None of their new lenses have IS. Maybe they’ve figured out some magical way to bypass the need for image stabilization.

    • I am expecting a more pro spec version of the Nikon and Canon within 6 months. Sony has a 5 year lead on them, so it appears it may take them some time. They probably started developing this when Sony launched the A7II ; ) Great lenses though, in fact, these are some of the nicest lenses I have seen announced by anyone in recent times.

  4. I will wait for the “real world” review. When you walk around with it, does it gin in the way of picture-taking, or does it help?

  5. Sorry guys but a camera with a low price tag worries me, theres no such thing as a free lunch, low priced camera internal components will have short life span.

  6. Hi Steve.
    When photographing weddings in the film days I would never shoot with one camera always two cameras
    To cover myself. Personally I think if you’re shooting weddings this day and age you should have a camera with no less
    Then two cards slots. It’s still a good idea to carry a second camera to. For that reason I would not consider
    Buying Nikon Z7 or Z6 I hope that new Canon EOS R has two cards slots if that happens I will not consider it is well.
    I personally think for Any camera manufacture cannot consider having two cards slots is very shortsighted
    Especially in $2000 and up Camars in this day and age.
    Camera companies should not worry about killing their DSLR camera sales they should embrace the future
    If they don’t they will go away of the dodo bird which happen to Kodak.

  7. I’ve owned and loved both Nikon and Canon dslr’s (and film). I had a Sony A7R and it was awful. If Canon makes a serious camera, Nikon and Sony have no chance. Canon is about to trample them. Leica is still ok due to it being such a niche camera (and my current choice).

    • The original a7 were bad. But the latest versions ar so much better. It’s the first time I have felt in a mirrorless camera that I don’t lose anything compared to dslr.

  8. I hope that the new Canon EOS R has twin card slots if it does it will be a Big hit.
    Unfortunately Nikon Z7 is a big fail because there is no twin slots & C-AF is not up to snuff. I thought that Nikon would learn from Sony mistakes with Single card memory slot and Poor battery life. Nikon really had chanse to learn from other manufacturers mistakes looks like they are repeating the same mistakes.
    I heard that Panasonic is going FF I’m more excited about that then Canon or Nikon.
    What would excite me the most to hear is that Olympus has decided to go FF
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
    If Panasonic & Olympus had FF cameras and have adapters available to allow you to use m43 lenses and OM Legacy lenses
    On there new system it would be exciting. It would be nice to flick a switch from FF to m43
    I Hope it happens these are exciting times in photography.

  9. It’s great to see how the PR agents at both Nikon and Canon use the internet to create breathless speculation and sleepless nights in those who live and die waiting for new iterations of various cameras. In reality-for the majority of photographers who use their cameras for more prosaic family and landscape photographs to share on Facebook or elsewhere on the web- it makes little difference which camera they use. It is entirely likely that we have reached “sufficiency” with the cameras now available. Of course, many still want the latest and greatest; without such desires digital cameras makers would become bankrupt.

    I’m reminded of photos of Leica photographers who proudly displayed two or three iterations of their M film cameras as matadors would display the ears of dispatched bulls.

    I suppose I am at an age where a more skeptical, nuanced, and reasoned view of gear acquisition is the norm.

    So, sincere thanks to Steve for making the information about new Canon, Sony, and Nikon cameras available and for his in-depth reviews of the various models. And best of luck to those who will be satisfying their camera lust by buying the newest camera that will hopefully make them the new Cartier Bresson. Lots of success and happiness with whatever new camera model you use…but remember, in six months there will be another camera that you MUST have.

  10. This is a really attractive camera in all the good ways. I’ve been a Canon camera user since the film cameras. Question :Are dual card slots really that crucial if we have 128gb and larger SD card?

    • Although the memory size is always a plus, one of the real reasons that dual card slots are such a great feature is because your footage will be saved twice. Without a moments notice a SD could just die and imagine you just shot a wedding only to find out later in the evening your SD card died.

    • Dual card slots are crucial just in case your memory card fails, then you have a backup (failures do happen). Also it’s best to shoot on smaller cards, especially if your camera only has one card slot. If one card fails, you haven’t lost a days worth of photos.

  11. 28-70 F/2 is VERY VERY interesting. It can replace a whole bag of prime lenses, unless one needs extreme bokeh. I guess it will sell like a hot cake if priced at $2500 or less.

    • You may need the space of a few primes to house that beast. It’s apparently 50% heavier than canons L 24-70.

    • 1.5kg – the raison d’etre of mirrorless was smaller size and lower weight. Why have a smaller body with a 1.5kg behemoth lense?

      • I do not use behemoth lenses on my mirrorless cameras. Quite the opposite. I use Leica M lenses on my SL, and that is one of the best bodies I have ever used, without question. On my Sony I use small Zeiss lenses, and a couple of small Sony lenses, they are fantastic. Zeiss Loxia and Batis are small, light and gorgeous in quality. If one wants big G Master lenses (I do not) then yes, they will be huge but one doesn’t have to go that route to get stellar quality.

  12. All I can say is that the new Canon and Nikon models look more comfortable to hold and operate than the Sonys. The Sony’s are very squarish and I feel that their dials are not well placed.

  13. Also, like Nikon, a much larger mount. Did Sony make a mistake in the past? I would not be surprised if Panasonic will also a new full frame (36×27?) line. Mft is just to small for future developments like 8K.

  14. Hi Steve, good to hear your thoughts. I think that the main advantage of the Mirrorless crew is the small flange distance. And that’s a big thing because it allows you to use hundreds of old and new glass with just one body. For the rest, I don’t fall. Size matters, but FF Mirrorless are just as big or heavy like the Reflex bunch. And ergonomy is better when the camera has some size. Even weight helps you to be more steady. Also, sometimes mirrorless bodies are small but good glass for them is large and heavy and the couple is very unbalanced and uncomfortable. Mirrorless can have advantages if bodies and lenses are small and light, but then we go to 4/3 systems, and only some of them. I still think that reflex cameras have a long race to run. You can find pro graded canon, nikon or pentax which are going to give you a lot, and small reflex cameras also from those brands which are small, light unexpensive and cost peanuts. For me, flange distance is the only real advantage, irreplaceable, the possibility to use and play with old, and other makers, glass. My quiver will always be a GR (for me it’s a compact, I don’t even consider it mirroless), a good solid reflex with three factory lenses, and a maybe a mirroless body mainly to play with adaptors and lenses. As for Leica and Hassy, these go only film on my hands. Cheers.

    • I find it odd that many people insist they will “always have a DSLR”.

      In my view, and accepting it’s just one opinion; as of today, The mirror mechanism adds or contributes to:
      – focussing systems more adept in lowlight or fast moving sports conditions (see Steve’s enjoyment of the 1D for details)
      – better battery life as a result of an OVF

      Both advantages are being rapidly eroded by Sony, and likely Canon themselves.

      It also adds:
      – a point of mechanical failure
      – a need to fine tune the mechanism or lenses to support off sensor focus accuracy
      – an unecessary vibration/slap
      – an OVF which doesnt show you what you’re going to get, I accept that’s a matter of taste but i’d suggest most who spend time with a recent EVF come to enjoy the experience.

      It doesn’t add:
      – anything at all to image quality, since it is pulled up out of the way when the image is captured

      A bit of extra size comes with the deal, but there is no reason why any mirrorless cant be wider, taller, have a deeper grip….

      Ultimately doesn’t that leave SLRs for niche users and of course for film? A genuinely different medium which actually needs them?

      Of course if one has already invested in a DSLR, there is no need to change right away, they’re generally excellent. But down the track when they start creaking, I am not sure another DSLR is going to be the right option. Nikon and Canon in particular will probably develop another iteration to slow down the switch over whilst their options improve and their DSLR users come on board.

  15. Yes I agree with you Steve, CRAZY exciting times. Look at all the new M full frame cameras we are getting this year! Panny joining the frey as well … who would have ever thought that we would have SO MANY FF MILC choices. I can’t wait to see how Sony answers back. Hopefully with a BIG BEAUTIFUL GRIP! 😉

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