SLASHED! The Sony A9 – Now $1000 OFF!


Hey all, just in time for the fast approaching Holidays, Sony has SLASHED the price of their top dog, their fast as lighting A9. If you are one who wants the bells and whistles in a camera, this one has it. No blackout high res EVF, 20 FPS, their best AF system, enormous battery life, IBIS, and the list goes on.

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This camera is now priced at $3499 and is in stick at B&H Photo HERE and also at Amazon HERE. 


  1. I love my a9. Hands down best camera I have ever owned. So, why such a huge discount? Is Sony just making sure people think twice before buying the new Canon or Nikon? Is there an a9II coming? Will the new a6xx outpace the a9 specs for a lot less money? In any case, I can’t wait to find out.

      • What is there to compete with? Sony’s A7/9 line is superior to any DSLR (even their own A99 – which they should do something about!), and superior to the mirrorless bodies released so far by either Nikon or Canon. Panasonic might offer some competition though.

      • Owning a A9 for non-sports reasons, I think it could use a R series bump in the ecosystem. There is too much to like in the mechanical execution (ergos, exposed switches, that EVF, battery life, etc) of the A9 to trade down (laterally-ish?) to the 7R series. I use Nikon glass for telephoto reach on my Sony and would love to see a something in the 30-40Mp range with cleaner ISO. It has me considering moving to the Cannon mirrorless if they beat Sony to the punch on releasing a high Mp series of theirs.

  2. Wow! This is fabulous if not irresistible pricing on this powerhouse Alpha 9. Can’t pass this up! 🙂 Isn’t it funny how fickle the photographic internet can be. For example; not too terribly long ago, Sony’s A7’s were the “Holy Grail” here at SHP dot com and the “step child” over at DPR. Today however; DPR recently carved up the Canon EOS-R like a Thanksgiving Day turkey having previously made the Alphas the Gold Standard. On the other hand, the Alphas are all gone here at SHP in favor of Canon’s decent but not at all groundbreaking first attempt at mirrorless. I guess, these days with such a diverse camera-tech landscape, it’s hard to stay loyal to any one brand for very long and one is highly tempted, by all these goodies, to jump ship. With all the cameras slated to come on line in 2019, we should see brand-bouncing reaching new heights! Buckle up folks! 😉

  3. I love shooting my A9 and seldom use my A7r3 even though it is a great camera too. I’m glad this price reduction will put the A9 within reach of more people. However, I agree that it might damage the top dog image. Maybe Sony has a new A9r to be released soon (though I probably don’t need to upgrade my camera!).

  4. The compition just got harder with Nikon and Canon in the mirrorless market. Sony is not going to give up and let them roll over them. This aggressive approach to pricing is just what the compition would like to avoid. I believe Sony knows exactly what they are doing.

  5. Now, people who hold flagship cameras from other companies are more tempted.
    Well done.
    I ‘m finally getting free from my d4s

  6. I love Sony’s aggressive pricing, but I wonder if this will give the wrong impression? I doubt it – after all, the A7III gives everyone more features than they could hope for and it’s the bargain of the year at RRP. Nobody is going to argue with that.

    But part of me thinks that the flagship camera should always be more expensive and never be discounted. I’m not exactly a marketing guru but surely there is sense to that? The A9 already out-performs almost all DSLRs in that market segment (sports, wildlife) and it’s also priced very well.

    • I hear ya, but it’s a camera body electronic technology only gets better, and to boot Sony barely ever updates their stuff unlike Fuji, also with the A73 only very few will really choose the A9 for the few non dealbreaker features it has over the A73.

    • I don’t think it will give the wrong impression. The A9 has nothing competing with it, so naturally Sony could ride that high price point. Now that there is C/N competition coming out they shift the price point to maintain market share and stay competitive. Looks like natural product progression, especially with how fast Sony life-cycles their ecosystem.

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