The Leica M10 and M9 Monochrome Visit Rome and Orvieto by Dan Bar

The Leica M10 and M9 Monochrome Visit Rome and Orvieto 

by Dan Bar

Hi Steve

When where you last in Italy? Well I have been there a few times lately so I decided to spend a day in Rome which I love but know VERY well, and in Orvieto. Orvieto is a BEAUTIFUL about a 100 km. north to Rome. Very easy to get there.

Simply go to the main train station “ROMA TERMINI” and there take the train to Orvieto which usually leaves from platrform ” Binario” 2 EST. It takes about 1 hour to get there and the ticket is only 8.5 EURO. cheap. Get of at Orvieto and look for the FUNICOLARE – cable car which is opposite the station. 1.5 EURO and it tales you all the way up.

What can I say? It is sooo beautiful there, peaceful, great restaurants, shopping prices are lower than Rome, people are so nice and polite. Worth spending two days, I loved it.

As always I brought my 2 Leicas, the M10 and the M9M.

Although the 10 is a beautiful camera I prefer the M9M, I got so used to shooting B\W that i find it hard to see the scene in colors. Some photos shot 2-3 days ago, most of Orvieto and a few of Rome.

Take care my friend and visit Orvieto, you will love it!



  1. I see some of your posts and this one is in the same style – simple, documentary and dark.
    I don’t think the underexposure helps in any way, and I don’t think these images make me want to go to Rome, even though I know from my experience this is an amazing city.
    The only shot I like is the guy sitting beside the statue.

  2. Your B&W images from the M9M, moody as they are, use the deep shadows to great effect. I like the style and often use my M9M the same way.

    But shooting an M10 to desaturate the colors that way, well, a Ricoh GR would be just as good at 1/4 the price of just the 28 Elmarit alone.

    • Thank you Wilbar, i agree, i love the M10 simplicity , the rangefinder is a challange .You can no doubt buy any other camera type 🙂

  3. A great set of photos waiting for a restorer.
    Sorry Danny, but the y are way too dark.
    The “look of old masters” in painting doesn’t work for me.
    I checked on 3 different PC’s and laptops..
    Old pictures dark due to dirt, old varnishes, faded colors and subdued lighting (for protection).
    Many say this, others love your style, but I think down a wrong road..
    Pix don’t have to look like KR’s Vivid color burn your eyeballs..
    Your framing great, balance is simply good, but lost in translation.
    I said it, hope not offensive! Shalom and maybe a lil more clearer..

  4. Ah, Dan you do love the mystery! I favor all the black and white, and must pick a favorite. It’s the lady in the rail car window. Keep doing what you do.

  5. As you know from previous comment, I am a great fan of your style and composition. I still think you B&W would stand a little lightening of the shadows without losing your particular style. But maybe you’ve tried, and maybe I’m wrong! Look forward to your next posting.

  6. “find it hard to see the scene in colors” – sure, judging from your images this is a city of very little color and light… Just kidding – we know this is your style 🙂

  7. Complimenti, bellissimo. Been there a few times and Rome and Tuscany many times….3 trips in 2018. Shot Leica and Fuji there extensively. Love Your shots. Some say too dark but I say too many try to recover shadow detail they couldn’t see in the first place. Or it makes for nice drama and highlights the lit subjects nicely. Next time get a car at Hertz across from stazione and drive 20 miles west to Civita d Bagnoregio. Dramatic to say the least. I’ll be back in April 2019, Leica MP 240 Safari in hand.

  8. dan shalom
    ani okev achracha harbe shanim ani choshev she chaval she ata lo menase kivun acher yesh lecha ayyin tova aval hashchor
    haze mekalkel ….. ze gorem lekol hatmunot leherot ota tmuna .

    behava …..

  9. Why is everything so dark? Like the photo of the three Asian women, the sun appears to be shining on them given the shadows behind them, yet their faces are almost black and their eyes are not visible. I guess this is a personal style preference in pp. I agree that the person sitting face in hand next to the statue is a great shot.

  10. I personally think most of the pictures are too “dark”. The pic that I like the most, by far, is the one of the guy sitting next to the statue.

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