$1299 Full Frame Mirrorless! Four new major Releases from Nikon, Fuji, Canon and Olympus!

$1299 Full Frame Mirrorless! Four new major Releases from Nikon, Fuji, Canon and Olympus!

So three new products have been released/announced all in the last couple of days! 

The Canon EOS-RP – The new entry level camera in the EOS-R line I suspect Canon will also release a pro version this year. At $1299 the 24 MP Canon EOS-RP is smaller than the standard R, and offers the best of what that camera has yet for much less cash. $1299 gets you a full frame Canon mirrorless with dual pixel AF, full HD video and well, cropped 4k of course. While not a feature rich pro model, this one is smaller than the R (not too much heavier than the M50)! yet still gives the same IQ and AF capability for only $1299. Wow, full frame mirrorless is now priced within APS-C range. This one will sell VERY well for Canon and IMO is just what they needed to get their R line rolling along nicely. I own the EOS-R and really have enjoyed it. The EOS-RP also could make for the perfect backup to the R, as well as an on the go Vlog style camera with it’s flip out screen (that so many cameras lack these days).

The Fuji X-T30 which as the same sensor as the amazing X-T3! At only $899 and looking gorgeous, this APS-C model features a 26MP APS-C sensor, X-Processor 4 with Quad CPU, UHD and 4K30 video, and 425 point phase detect AF. Only $899!!! Cameras are getting so so good and the prices are finally dropping for higher quality gear. Was not too long ago that $899 would buy you a point and shoot. Now you can get a pretty nice Fuji for the same cost and have the option of swapping lenses. I loved the X-T3 and reviewed it here on these pages via text and video, proclaiming it as the BEST of all APS-C cameras. The X-T30 looks to continue the love in the Fuji lineup.

Nikon has announced a 24-70 f2.8 lens for the Z system. While they already have the lovely and very high quality f/4 version of the popular focal length, many have been waiting for the f/2.8 version which is a GOTO for many pros. Coming in at $2296 this will be a fave among Nikon Z shooters who want that extra speed in a convenient zoom. I used the f/4 version in my look at the Nikon Z6 and thought it was probably the best 24-70 f/4 lens I have used (bests the Sony 24-70 f4 Zeiss).

Olympus has announced the 12-200mm Lens which is small, compact and will give a 24-400mm reach (full frame equivalent) with an f/3.5-f/6.3 aperture. While not the fastest lens around at the long end, Olympus knows how to make great glass and if reach and small size is what you desire over speed, this $899 marvel will give you amazing versatility.

All of these products will be shipping soon, and all offer something unique for each brand.



  1. Take away AF, Video, Touchscreen, EVF.

    I.e. Manual Focus Only with just Swivel Tilt screen :

    $700 FF new possible (although used Sony A7s is $700 now).

  2. I’d certainly consider the RP if only there were decent, native manual lenses for the R mount. Sony has great manual lenses form Zeiss and Voigtlander but clearly, as Canon FF mirrorless is very new, it’ll be some time before any manual lenses are released for it.

  3. We’re getting spoilt for choice.

    Really just pick a recent current mirrorless place a lens fly with imagination.
    Still they all have compromises drawbacks.

    One camera to rule them all ain’t gonna happen.

    Nearest for me (me) : Travel, Wildlife, Nature, Street,
    4K30p25p video, mic input tilt swivel screen, EVF, 25-400m F2.8-4
    is ……
    Fz1000 Panasonic.

  4. Grumpy people. The Canon RP (why did Canon name this camera after a genetic eye disease that causes blindness?) is a good deal in todays camera world. Prices of most new products are increasing (to make up for lost sales revenue). Not only do you get a 1 pound camera body with a 35mm size sensor, if you buy now you get a grip extension and lens adapter that are a $180 value. That lowers the camera cost to $1120.. Can’t get that from Sony or Fuji or Nikon or Pentax or any other vendors.

    • The RP is a steal of a deal. Full frame, dual pixel AF, great lenses to mount, nice small package with a good EVF and Canon color. No one else offers this. If Canon released a $99 are bones mirrorless that was full frame, some would complain it did not have IBIS. We live in a world of “moan and groan” and “I am entitled to what I want” these days. It seems some forget there are options for almost anything we need, and as I have said before, any of these camera today are better than 90% of those who use them, including me. We think we need Eye Af, 7 Stop IBIS, Some crazy High res mode…when we do not. These things are sort of killing the craft IMO and it just makes some out there want more more more, more of the camera doing the work for them. The RP is not for me but it’s a deal and no one else offers anything like it. The Sony A7II can be had for $999 but AF is much slower than the Canon, you lose the Canon color and battery life is not so good. Other than that, the A7II is another good buy these days. I’d take an RP over an A7II any day. I still use my EOS-R every day. Just shot with it and the 16-35 f/4 yesterday for photo and video (handheld) and it looks AMAZING. Love the R and am waiting for the “RX”, which is a prescription I will go for ; )

  5. “Oh look! It’s time for Canon to roll out their old chips again! The EOS RP has an identical sensor to the 6D Mark II, with a micro-lens array design more suited to mirrorless lenses. Canon openly admit in interviews that the RP cannot even do cropped 4K/30p without overheating. Even the modest bump in frame rate would have necessitated “a larger body design”, they say. Not sure I believe them, but clearly the technology is behind the curve.

    Most disappointingly of all, it turns out that the EOS RP lacks Dual Pixel AF in 4K video mode, like the M50, which means it’s a “no-buy” from me and better to stick with the EOS R until the pro body is released, which perhaps, is the intention.”
    That is from the site: eoshd

    • That is why it is $1300. Cant get anything close to the RP for $1300. You can buy an old Sony A7II but the AF is very slow compared to the RP, This is for those who want full frame and could care less about 4K, and there are many (myself included). I do not want an RP but many will and do, and it will sell bit as you can not get anything near it for the cost. Not sure why everyone likes to complain when a new camera is released. There are many to choose from and one should buy what is within their budget and needs. Simple ; )

      • I just bought the EOS R yesterday and spending a few hours deliberating between it and the RP. It was not an easy decision by any means, and ultimately went with the R for the better viewfinder and the 1/8000th shutter (my main lens is the EF 50/1.2L and that extra stop helps).

        I agree with you, the RP will be a huge success, probably selling more than the R. If I ever wanted a second Canon body it would be my first choice.

      • Yes you can – the Sony A7ii which meets of beats it on just about everything, and still lots cheaper – full frame mirror-less for under a grand!

  6. I doubt that there is nervousness at the executive board at Sony, but the Canon EOS RP is a camera for Canon fanboys so it will sell well, but many other users will be able to figure out the camera’s shortcomings!
    There are also missing native lenses that fit the users who buy a Canon EOS RP, as they will hardly buy the new expensive lenses ….

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