The Leica 50 APO Special Edition. IN Stock now for $9,595.00

The Leica 50 APO Special Edition. IN Stock now for $9,595.00

You can now order the Leica 50 APO Special Edition from B&H Photo. It’s in stock and comes in at a cool $9,595.00. This is a 50mm f/2 APO Lens as I reviewed it HERE. 

Now, this special edition is a gorgeous version of this particular world class lens. Old shcool,  black chrome and only 700 made worldwide. Of course you can still buy the normal version of this lens for $7995.00. 

Get ’em while they are hot! : ) Honestly though, I wonder how quickly Leica will sell out of these.



  1. There will always be enough potential buyers who pay whatever Leica charges. It doesn’t matter if it is 10 times the price of a comparable lens.
    I would be really interested how many could differentiate between a SL with Apo 50 and Nikon Z6 with Z 50/1.8 but don´t shoot landscape with prominent Locas because the Nikon is better corrected and it would be easier to differentiate then. In terms of bokeh unfortunately both lenses aren´t the best but aspherical and bokeh are counteracting.

  2. So 20% higher price for a 33% increase in weight and no extendable hood? Whatever, it’s retro so I’ll get it.

  3. The similar run of 300 black paint and 200 chrome APO 50 Summicron LHSA anniversary addition sold out almost immediately and at this same price. This is the same lens though in black chrome (to me more desirable than black paint). The LHSA version now sells for about $12000-$15000 on the secondary market. This new version of this lens might eat a little into those prices.

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