NEW Voigtlander 75 1.5 Nokton Lens. A STUNNER! Ships July 2019.

NEW Voigtlander 75 1.5 Lens. A STUNNER! Ships July 2019!

Just received note from Stephen Gandy over at that the new Voigtlander 75 1.5 Aspherical Nokton lens is ready for pre order! This lens looks amazing and I have a feeling it will have some magic within it!


This one looks like a stunner and Stephen wrote some notes about it after he handled the lens at the factory not too long ago:


I handled this new lens at the factory.  It’s amazingly small and lightweight for its fast aperture.
The lens throw from infinity to .7 is short and very fast.
This is a GREAT handling small compact fast portrait lens.
The factory is very happy with its performance and image quality.
I think shooters will agree.

close focus rangefinder focus .7m
small 58mm filter size
lightweight 350 grams or 12.35 oz
small size 63.3mm length x 62.8mm diamter
clicked half f stops
7 lens elements in 6 groups
one aspherical element
three high index elements
12 aperture blades for beautiful bokeh
f1.5 to f16 aperture range
front and rear lens caps included
vented lens hood included
hood position adjustable for different rangefinder camera viewfinders
precision all metal construction made in Japan
easily adaptable to mirrorless cameras with proper adapter
great for film or digital cameras
fits ALL Leica M mount cameras, film or digital
bar coding can be owner added using various lens coding kits



    • I believe they are referring to the 6 bit coding on the lens mount of new M lenses. On the back of the Digital M bodies their is a sensor that reads this to determine what focal length and aperture is on the particular lens that’s mounted.

  1. All these new VM lenses. Are we waiting for a Voigtlander Bessa Digital camera? That would be great.

  2. If this lens will be anything close to the amazing leica 75 1.4 summilux this will be big hit

    • Don’t expect this lens to be anything like the classic Walter Mandler Summilux-M 75 f1.4 (or its sibling Summilux-R 80 f1.4). The Lux is renowned for having the “Leica glow” at or near maximum aperture. That trait is the result of optical flaws (spherical aberrations) that are engineered out of modern lenses with APO or high index elements. Hence, the new Nokton 75 will likely be highly corrected for aberrations at wide apertures. Though images may look great and be super sharp, they will not have the same gorgeous rendering as the Lux 75, which I and many others regard as one of the finest portrait lenses ever produced. Check out the prices for used Lux-M 75s, and you will begin to understand how prized they are. Meanwhile, the Lux-R 80s are much less expensive and represent an absolute steal if you have a camera that can use them (e.g. Leica SL).

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