May 032011

Amazon sold 19 X100’s last night at this time in about an hour…get it quick if you want one! They WILL NOT LAST!

UPDATE – DAMN! This is ONE HOT camera! Sold out within 20 minutes!!!


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  1. […] an interesting aside, Steve Huff posted at 11:22 p.m. (not sure his time zone) on May 3: “Amazon sold 19 X100s last night at this time in about an hour” and another 13 about the same day he posted. I must have been one of the lucky 19, although, […]

  2. @Joe, @Armanius

    I also pre-ordered through Steve’s link the about a week ago and received notification last night that I had gotten one, with an estimated delivery date of May 13. Today I checked, and it has already shipped. Estimated arrival is now listed as tomorrow, May 11th. Really excited.. can’t wait to test it out!

    • @James – Me too! Shipping estimate was originally set for Friday, May 13. Now, it’s been updated to tomorrow, May 12! Woohoo!!!

  3. @Joe – I pre-ordered through Steve’s link after Amazon was out of stock, but on the same day Steve put up this post. I got notified that the “estimate delivery” date is May 13, and the status of my order is “shipping soon.”

  4. I shockingly grabbed one of the X100s, and it arrived today (May 4), after previously being stated as May 6. I had preordered from Amazon in February, but cancelled on May 2nd around 11 a.m. PT to buy from an Amazon merchant, which sold out before I could order. So I lost my place in Amazon’s queue, with no hope of snagging the X100, or so I thought.

    I kept the Amazon X100 product page open in a tab all day, hoping for some kind of miracle. I got it. Around 8:20 p.m. PT on May 2nd, I was reading Steve’s X100 first look, when I clicked the X100 Amazon product page by mistake. Suddenly there was “in stock” in green and one-day and two-day shipping one-click buttons at the top of the page. I didn’t hesitate to click the one-day shipping button (I’m a Prime member). I went back to the product page a few minutes later and the X100 was listed as being no longer available from Amazon.

    I would keep an eye on Amazon X100’s page every day starting around 8 p.m. PT. I hope you get lucky, too.

    I’m suspicious about Amazon X100 preorders and wonder if I would still be waiting. Anyone here preorder and get the camera from Amazon?

    • I hope the “preorder” works! Keeping my fingers crossed. With my luck though, Amazon will probably not get a shipment for the next three months!

      • Amazon shipped mine out today, so only 48 hours on the waiting list. Not bad for a camera as popular as the X100. While it’s in transit I think I’ll show my X1 a little attention this weekend, as she’s just not feeling the love with all this Fuji talk!

  5. […] into the office. The camera is finally starting to become available in the US, but every time a handful of the cameras appear on Amazon, photography blogs alert their readers and the inventory is sold out within minutes. Reviewers are […]

  6. Stop teasing me Steve!!! :) What time did you see them up in the Amazon site?

    • The last two nights in a row, at 10:30 PM Phoenix AZ time Amazon posted between 13-20 in stock. Last night they sold out within minutes. Id check again tonight, you never know!

      • Ok, I’m tempted now. :) C’mon, Armanius.

        • Da*n you all!!! I am trying to stop buying all these camera and lenses!!! Did I ever tell you that I picked up a K5? I’ve gone through seven different lenses already!

          Ok … I placed an order for the X100 in Amazon (via your link Steve). It’s “out” but they will ship if and when they get their next order.

          Urgh … I need to start selling some stuff off before I go bankrupt.

          • This may work out well for all of us who saw Steve’s link and purchased today through Amazon. I do not believe that Amazon has been taking orders before today for X100s, only showing dealers that had them marked way up or taking orders only when they had units in stock (like the last 2 nights). Today is the first time I can recall that I was able to add the backordered X100 to my cart and purchase at $1195. Maybe this is a short list?

          • @Steve-

            Let’s hope so, says Capital One.

            Let’s hope not, says my wallet!

  7. Hi Steve,

    Loved your x100 review. Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow so I am a happy camper :) But I was wondering – do you know anything about availability of accessories in the US? Haven’t been able to find the lens hood and adapter ANYWHERE….

  8. I got one!! :) expected arrival: 5/5/11

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