Night shoot with a Leica M 240 by Isi Akahome

Night shoot with a Leica M 240

by Isi Akahome

Hi Steve,
I wanted to share photos from my latest shoot with the M240 and the 50 Summilux. We shot in Chinatown at night and lit the shoot with $100 LED light sticks from Amazon. I shot mostly art ISO 800-1000, so there was no noise, and I was able to shoot at around 1/160sec wide open at f1.4. The combo performed very well and using the rangefinder at night was not nearly as difficult as expected.
Thanks for all the awesome work you do.
The Leica M 240 is still a current model with Leica and can be purchased from:
Ken Hansen[email protected]

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  1. Good shots but if i may say there is a problem of highlights on the model face. It can be due to lightin but also because of the make up…. Tx for sharing

    • The sticks were just off the frame. I adjusted the distance based on the exposure.

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