The Night Before Christmas (Leica M9 Version)

Being so close to the Holidays I came up with a new twist on the classic. I am sure many of you can relate, and hey, maybe it will give you an idea of what to get your wife for Christmas!

T’was the night before Christmas, camera gear on your mind.

A Leica nut, you were hoping for a shiny M9.

The wife in her checkbook, and that look on your face,

Just hoping she won’t notice that lens you bought at B&H.

When from outside the door, there arose such a sound,

you sprang from your seat to see if FedEx was around!

You opened the door, with cheer and with glee,

Oh Joy! It’s your neighbor’s dog and she’s squatting to pee!

Oh M9, Oh M9, won’t you come here to me?

It’s all I will need, ever, oh dear can’t you see?

When what to your wondering eyes should appear?

Your wife with a smile as you gulp down your beer.

She hands you a box, oh what could it be?

The M9 or  new Noctilux, well who knows? Lets See!

“It’s just what you hoped for,” she says by the tree.

The tingles then start, from your head to your feet.

You give it a shake, thoughts go through your brain…

“Hmmm, yes!! This could be it!” you boldly proclaim!

As you open the box, you are filled with delight!

Your wife, kids, and dog watch…oh what a sight!

You pull out the gift through the peanuts and fluff,

What the hell? The new Vivitar your wife saw on Steve Huff!

“Is that the M9 you wanted, oh dear husband of mine”?

“I saw it online, what a deal, what a find!”

You look at her with love and say, “Why yes dear, it is!”

A hug and a kiss and she’s soon filled with bliss!

You pull out her gift with a smile on your face,

You were no fool, your backup plan was in place!

Her face is confused when she sees what’s inside.

My oh my, its a brand new Leica M9!


  1. There will always be something new. When an M11 surfaces, the M12 will already be in early stages of design. Doesn’t matter though becasue when that happens, the M8’s and M9’s will still be taking great photos!

  2. Having gone through the evolution of Canon digital cameras from a D60 to a 20D to a 30D, then to a 40D and then a 5D, and finally to a Leica M8.2, I’m never in a hurry to dump more money into a digital camera that will soon be obsolete and worthless. It cost me almost $2K for my original D60. You can approximate the total investment for the above digital journey. It hasn’t been cheap. I’m in no hurry to buy an M9 knowing that there will soon be an M9.2, an M10, an M11, etc. In the meantime, I’m enjoying using my Leica M6 TTL LHSA Black Paint film camera with a MP modified viewfinder and shooting some of the best film ever made. I bought the M6 TTL brand new. My son is using my Canon D60 for a paper weight.

  3. Steve you are rubbing it in again!!! =)
    Using an M7 and quite happy just love to have ISO on the fly and not wait for developing.
    I have not seen any fans other than leica users loving their M(1-9) and so vocal about it. I’m pretty vocal too!
    Leica’s the every day cameras that integrates into our daily life.
    Happy holidays!

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