Daily Inspiration #6 – “Reliving The Past” by Zsolt Arkossy

Today’s image was submitted by Arkossy Zsolt and wow, is it beautiful.

Zsolt wrote: “Despite living in a noisy and energetic city my pictures usually reveal the opposite: silence. This gives me a challange to separate from surroundings the essence of a visual message. Taking silent pictures is not an easy task – it is the absolute opposite of the edgy photo journalism. Takes time, passion and visual interest in the world we are living.” He shot this image with a Canon 40D and an EF-S 10-22 lens. To see more of his beautiful work, you can visit his website here.

“Reliving the past”

Motto: “If you recall the dramatic moments of your life, today you might reveal hidden beauties never seen at that time.”

Arkossy_Reliving the past

Thanks for submitting the image Zsolt! If anyone else wants to submit an image to the “Daily Inspiration”, do so using the “submit” but at the top of any page! Thanks!

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