Panasonic G 7-14 micro 4/3 lens IN STOCK at B&H!

Finally, this amazing wide angle is once again in stock at B&H. They go QUICK so if you have been wanting this lens, GRAB IT NOW HERE! This will give you the equivilant of 14-28mm on your m4/3 camera like the E-P1, E-P2, GF1, etc. Good luck!


  1. This is an excellent lens. Combined with the 14 to 140 zoom a 4/3 camera will go from 14mm to 280mm (35mm equivalent), image stabilized. That makes for a very versatile, small, two lens kit. IQ is very good (same for the 10 to 140 and 20mm f1.7, as Steve noted above). The only drawback is the lenses are not fast and do not work well shooting video in low light (like inside at night). The 20mm f1.7 solves that problem.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Steve! I am seriously considering purchasing this lens for my Olympus PEN EP-1 as my go to wide angle lens.
    I purchased the Voigtlander Heliar II 15mm for my M8 this past summer and have been very happy with it…until now. I’ve since sold my M8 and now am a proud/happy M9 owner; however, the performance of the Heliar on the full frame M9 has been very disappointing…extreme vignetting often accompanied with magenta discoloration in the corners and edges to the point where I am considering this alternative…would love to snap up the Leica WATE, but, as we all know, unless you win the lottery, most of us have to pick and choose our Leica lenses carefully.
    Just wondering if you have tried shooting the Heliar on your M9 yet and your thoughts on this.

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