Amazon $100 discount on the M9?

Many people placed order with Amazon for the M9 on 1/16 when they started taking pre-orders. Also, some of those people had their order canceled by Amazon a few days later. NOW Amazon is saying that was a mistake and are offering a $100 discount when you re-pre-order! Yep, if you got the shaft after you ordered then you can now save $100 if you place that order again. Also, to those who did not order yet, feel free to use my direct links below to order the black or grey M9! They are accepting orders for both colors.


Here is the e-mail from Amazon that was sent to those who ordered the camera and then had the order canceled:


Greetings from recently, and inadvertently, cancelled your pending order

for the Leica M9 digital camera. While we cannot automatically

re-instate your order, please accept our sincere apologies and the

opportunity to place your order again, at a discount of $100.

All you need to do is re-order the Leica M9 from by

February 28, 2010; we’ll automatically apply a $100 credit to your

order at the time of shipment.

The discount will apply only to the purchase of one Leica M9, sold by, and does not apply to products sold by third-party

merchants and other sellers through the site. Additional

products within the same order are not subject to discount.

Please note that the M9 is in high demand and supplies from the

manufacturer are highly constrained. is working to fulfill

all customer orders as quickly as possible while Leica continues to

focus on their consistently precise production of world-class cameras

and lenses.

As always, we will not charge your credit card until the product

ships. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.


Customer Service Department


  1. Pre-ordered mine before the whole cancel thing.. darn…
    I can’t get it from the local dealers =( Amazon is my only hope!

  2. Also, what’s sad about this is that I emailed them about it and didn’t offer to switch it. Admittedly I did cancel, (only after they said they did…to make sure it wasn’t a hoax email), but you’d think they would have offered that very day anyhow!

  3. Hahahahahaha! I got an email today about this. I couldn’t believe it. First they send me an email from their concierge stating that I will be receiving my M9 by March 1st. The very next day I get the cancel email. Today I received the email above. I wrote back to them that I am now going through “an authorized Leica Dealer” to get my M9 earlier. LOL! Well, at least they knew they screwed up by canceling.

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