Daily Inspiration #28 by Nick Coleman

Here is a photo that really does it for me. I am a fan of the desaturated look and this shot is very striking with its subtle tones and color. I love the way this is framed with the bare tree and the old building behind it. Lovely! It was submitted by Nick Coleman and this is what he had to say about it:

“This building was started in 1594 but never completed. My photography is like that, I’m striving constantly for a goal which I can’t accurately articulate, but that I think is what drives me on, that elusive perfect image. You see there are two images here, this one from my Canon 20D and its counterpart taken with my Hasselblad which I’ve also yet to see, but it’s there on Velvia out of date ‘old’ stock. This shot was last Sunday, Canon 20D, 17-40mm F4, RAW ISO 100. Focal length 36MM 1/160th f9. Processed in Lightroom, but re-sized in PS3. I used the 20D to check the exposure for the blad, a 501CM with the standard 80MM lens. The location is Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire, UK”

Thanks Nick for the lovely image!

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  1. This is a truly fabulous image with fantastic composition.
    Desaturating makes it perfect and gives an unobtrusive touch to the scene.

    Absolutely one of my favorites.

    Congratulation Nick,

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