Daily Inspiration #36 by Darren Martin

It’s been so cold and nasty in my neck of the woods that when I saw this picture I lit up with a smile. Since I have a while before warm weather hits I thought I would post this one today so I can think happy thoughts 🙂 Submitted by Darren Martin and shot on a Canon G10. This is what he had to say about this image:

“This photo was taken on a beautiful November weekend. It was an extremely hot day, around 32 degrees, and I was sun baking on the rocks with my girlfriend. Throughout the day more and more people congregated on the rocks and I finally took the shot when the frame was filled with people. Every person in the shot has their own summer story of that day”

Thanks so much Darren!


  1. Thanks, Darren and Steve. I agree with your sentiment: one should feel free to do whatever it takes to produce a please result. And I loved this picture. John

  2. Thanks all.

    The RAW file was processed in Camera Raw, and yes, I de-saturated it, pushed the blacks, as well as the contrast and recovery a little. No dodging and burning though.

    I too, like steve, don’t have a problem tweaking in photoshop to get the effect you’re after. But in the end it’s all about the composition first.

    And thanks steve for posting me as your daily inspiration.

    Darren Martin.

  3. Don’t know about this particular photo but to get this old photograph look a simple desaturation, a slight increase in the blacks and fine tuning with vibrance does the job.

  4. I was going to ask the same question. It reminds me of an old photograph. I would love to know the pp you did to get this effect. Maybe some dodge & burn with some Hue desaturation?

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