Some snaps from the Leica S2…

Note: This is NOT the review of the Leica S2! These are just some fun snaps I got with the camera today that I thought I would share.

I am taking a 2 day trip with the Leica S2 starting Monday morning but today I took advantage of the sunshine and went outside to enjoy the near 60 degree day. Here are some shots from the S2, with a link at the bottom to a full size JPEG. My full Leica S2 review will be up within the next two weeks, but just wanted to post a couple snaps 🙂 Imagine, snapshots with a $30,000 setup! Wow. I did add a filter to these in Aperture but in my upcoming review I will have untouched samples, and of course a few with filters like these, all processed in Aperture 3! At the bottom I have a link to a full size JPEG download from shot #2!

I also added one shot with a 100% crop, straight from camera!

All images Leica S2, 70 F2.5 with”Vintage” filter added in Aperture 3 – click image for larger version

I have the full size JPEG from the #2 shot in it’s UNTOUCHED direct from camera state HERE!  It’s a direct export from Aperture 3 with the “full size JPEG” setting.

Here is another shot direct from camera and no filters…

How about a straight from camera shot and a 100% crop.

So look for the review soon and I will also have some comparisons with the M9! Next week I will have my Zeiss 35 and 85 reviews up and the week after that the S2 review with TONS of real world samples, the video and more!


  1. Dear Steve,

    The build up to your S2 review is nerve racking…. it really is going to be very interesting, and I look foward to reading about the other reviews as well. Because there are so many people like myself who find your reviews wonderful to read, because they each tell a story, a part of your life.

    May I make one comment when you are in the process of reviewing a major camera, such as you are doing now, if you can throw out some tit bits to keep your readers tingling with anticipation… would that work for you? Perhaps there isn’t enough time and in reality I am asking too much. Keep up yur wonderful work which is so inspiring, and have a good day.

  2. I just pulled the full res file of your son in CS3 and did a sharpening pass at 300%, R0.7…I have never seen anything like that result. It is atom-splitting sharp.

    Looking forward to your review. Also looking forward to my wife letting me buy an M9, but not holding out much hope for the latter.


  3. the 100 percent crop looks as sharp as my d90 with kit lense ever did at 10 percent…………… makes you want to cry doesent it, till you see the price that is

  4. Its around 800$ for 4 days with shipping at, around 3000$ for 3 weeks. Not that these are cheap but if someone wants to treat themselves for their 45th birthday: ”Listen honey, its the cool camera or a one day Ferrari rentals, burning rubber on the strip”… You’ll get your 4 days with the cool cam… Have fun with it Steve.

  5. Josh, yea tell me about it. It would probably take a kidney, a spleen and a limb or two.

    Dan, I only have the camera for a short time but am going to make the most out of it. Just updated this post with a 100% crop straight from camera. These files are sooooo nice. The ones I posted here were just fun snaps. In the review I will have loads of full size downloads so it should be fun.



  6. For a 23k camera, 30k w/ the lens, I doubt that quality is going to be an issue. Maybe a better article would be how to sell a kidney to afford the combo:) Have fun with the S2!

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