Leica S2 First Look Video!

I am leaving for a two day trip in a few hours to shoot the LeicaS2 but before I leave I wanted to post this “Leica S2 First Look” video. I shot the video with the Pentax K7 I have here and it is 10 minutes in length. It goes over the features, the menu and the shutter sound. There are even a few samples at the end. Keep in mind that I have only had the camera for 24 hours and in my full review (coming within 7-10 days) I will have a boatload of image samples, straight from camera with full downloads. So for now, enjoy the video!


  1. Steve,

    For what it is worth, I find that setting the autofocus menu item to “manual” works best for me. This moves the autofocus function to the rear button and it makes it much easier to focus and recompose without accidentally tripping the shutter. The autofocus is engaged the whole time the rear button is depressed and stops working when released. I focus using the rear button, then release the button and recompose the image. This also makes it easier to get the exposure correct for the recomposed image.

    Enjoy the S2. I look forward to your review.

    Mark Gowin

  2. With this Video and the way the camera looks. I must say that I would like to own one. As of now I believe I will open up an Organization for this. I will call it “Leica for Tots”.
    Anyone interested in donating for the Organization ?

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