Daily Inspiration #65 By Filip Molcan

“Hurricane” – Shot with a Nikon D3 by Filip Molcan. This is an AWESOME shot. I love t he colors, the composition and the DRAMA! Very cool Filip! Thank you for the submission. You can see much more at filipmolcan.com and i highly suggest you visit. Filip is a MASTER.


  1. Maybe a way around it is to post smaller digital files so that they cannot be used for anything of substance. Of course we all want to put our best possible work up so that our friends can enjoy them so easier said than done.

  2. Nice shots indeed.

    I tool the time and had a look at his blog as well. Nice and informative!

    There’s one thing that I noticed and commented on. I’m posting my comment here as well because i believe some will find it interesting to know.

    “… word of caution, though, regarding Facebook and photo sharing. Most people fail to notice (because nobody ever reads the legal stuff) that every posted photo on Facebook can be used by Facebook wherever and how long they please for their own purposes without notifying or paying the originator whatsoever.
    Basically, if you’re in the business of making money with your photography DO NOT post any of your work on Facebook.”

  3. Where do you find these guys Steve….. Great capture Filip, I enjoyed your site photos as well. I can see meaning in the photos you take, feelings or sort. Thanks for the shot. Cheers

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