Daily Inspiration #82 by Elaine Dudzinski

Let’s get back to some Daily Inspiration! Today we have a submission by Elaine Dudzinski! You can check out her Leica M8.2 blog HERE. Thanks Elaine!

I would like to submit these really old B&W photos I took back in 1978. They are of my sisters. They were my subjects at the time. I used a Canon AE-1 and Tri-x 400 film, I believe.  My sister Diane was sitting on an old italian chest which was given to us by our grandmother. My sister Susan is sitting on the steps with my sister Diane’s physique in the background. They modeled for me when I asked back then.


  1. Thanks to everyone for the compliments. Again, thanks to Steve for showcasing my old B&W film. It brings back so many awesome memories.

  2. Hahaha! I had a few more pics in there. This is the one of my sister Susan sitting on front steps with my other sister in background. This is old! The one of my sis sitting on chest is not here. You can look at my Flickr set to see the rest.

    Taken with the Canon AE-1.


    I also did some 6X6 with a Rolleiflex TLR back in 2001 of my nephew and my dog.


    Thanks to everyone who complimented, and thanks to Steve for showcasing. Very exciting.

  3. Love this pic Elaine. Susan and you looks very much alike. And I can’t take my eyes off Diane too, took me a while to figure she was a real person.

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