Daily Inspiration #83 by Rick Moscola

Since the site has been on a film kick recently I thought I would post another film shot today! This one is from Rick Moscola and he shot this with his Leica M6TTL and 28 Elmarit on Ilford Delta 400 film. He calls this one “Youthful Reflections”. Thanks so much for the submission Rick!


  1. Thanks for posting. This is a great picture. I am not skilled nor experienced enough to judge wether or not this can only be achieved with film but I like how this moment, scene and mood is captured.
    But I am currently shooting a roll of b&w film in my ancient 20-something year old Pentax SLR again, after not touching it for ages. A lot of fun so far for somebody who otherwise shoots an LX3 and a D200.
    Steve, how do you like the iPad so far?

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