1. Thanks BR! Yes, I think I will be very content with the MP. It IS a keeper, no doubt. But I knew this all along. Just happy to have one back in my bag!


  2. Rick M. says:

    You’ll get tired of it within 6 months and sell it to buy an M10 or an M9.2. You should have kept your M6 and had the viewfinder repaired by Sherry Krauter”.

    Rick, how can you say that and expect anyone to take you seriously? “Your going to regret it in six months”?. Here’s a concept for you, how about the possibility of Steve actually using the camera for what it was intended….framing images! How about the possibility of Steve not waiting or sitting at home in front of a computer screen, checking rumor mils about some alleged, new, all singing, all dancing digital M@#^%$ and just being content with what is arguably the greatest, purest 35mm camera of ANY SORT (and don’t even start with your M6 ttl bul***t…I have two and they’re ove-rated by comparison)?

    Bravo Steve buddy, you have the greatest film M ever made and you know that for me to say that, there must be some credence to it, all things considered.



  3. This black paint M6 is a dream. I’ve found one here: http://tinyurl.com/3a7bo9w
    But the MP is IMO the first choice. I’ve to find a way to be lucky like you, Steve πŸ™‚
    Here in Germany the MP seems to be the camera, which nobody will sell. I’ve found nothing.
    What you’ve mentioned… A camera for lifetime.

  4. Hey Roland, Im not worried in the slightest. I love this camera and I actually have TWO of them here now. One I just got yesterday from a trade deal for a CD Player. Its a beater though, but nice. Also just chose my one lens kit for the MP and its the black paint 35 cron. Perfect match. Thanks!


  5. Steve,
    Sorry. You’re right about the Leica Red Logo. Only the M7 has it. Love my M6 TTL and won’t sell it. The MP is not much different than the M6 TTL. I’d rather get an M7. The direction of the shutter speed dial on the M7 is compatible with the M6 TTL. On the MP, the shutter speeds increase/decrease in a direction opposite that of the M6 TTL. Would make me crazy. The only thing that I have For Sale around here is my wife! I’m a very suspicious type and have passed over many deals that I didn’t feel comfortable with. Good Luck.

  6. Steve,
    Also, I’m not sure that I like the “Leica” script signature on the top of the camera. Looks a little different than the standard Leica signature. I may be wrong but it’s worth looking into. Check it out.

  7. Rick, why would I keep the m6 when I was able to buy an MP for the cost of the m6 and th upgrade? The MP is a superior camera in a few ways, plus I prefer it’s design and have been wanting one for years. The only thing that kept me from it before was cost, but I found one at a discount (from a FANTASTIC Leica dealer no less)

    Also, an M10 would not be a replacement for an MP, but the M9.

    Also, I’ll assume you are joking about the red dot as it is widely known that the MPs do not have the red dot. Rather leica chose to put the Leica engraving on the top plate. I also like that the MP is brass and there would be no need to send it in for an upgrade.

    My finder is the MP finder…its an MP after all, and it has not flared on me yet. Beautiful and bright.

    Maybe you should sell your M6 for an MP? Hmmmm. Take care,


  8. Steve,
    I don’t want to worry you but I don’t like the fact that your MP does not have the Red Leica Logo on the front of the camera. My M6 TTL LHSA Black Paint camera was new when I bought it and it had a Black Leica logo. I heard that there are some “made in China” counterfeit M7 and MP Leica cameras floating around. You should check it out. The absence of the Red Leica Logo makes me suspicious.

  9. Steve,
    You’ll get tired of it within 6 months and sell it to buy an M10 or an M9.2. You should have kept your M6 and had the viewfinder repaired by Sherry Krauter (http://www.sherrykrauter.com) of Golden Touch. She upgraded the viewfinder in my black paint LHSA M6 TTL and it now has the same finder as any upgraded M7 or MP. No more flare and bright as a new MP. Are you sure you have the upgraded finder in your MP? Since it’s an old model you should get it checked out. My M6 TTL was a brand new 2002 camera and it did not have the upgrade.

  10. Hey Jerry, yes i wanted one but prices for a black paint leicavit seem pretty high. I’m on a budget, especially since I am in the middle of a move. If I ever find one in BP for a decent price down the road i will buy one.


  11. hi steve, glad to see you using film again. I sold all my nikon digi gear a year ago and bought an m3 with 50mm summicron and m2 with voigtlander 35mm skopar and its really opened my eyes to photography again. I wonder if like many others you are missing the feeling you get when shooting film thats not there with digital? I’m not trying to start a digi/film debate but wouldn’t you agree?


  12. Jonathan Geach says:
    April 22, 2010 at 11:41 pm
    “Can’t watch, it says video is private. But congrats on the MP, not sure what it brings that your beautiful m6 didn’t, but I guess we all get gear acquisition syndrome and it is kind of your job.”

    Hi Jonathan, perhaps I can help answer that question. The MP has a different shutter sound than the M6 even though I believe they’re both cloth to my recollection. It also feels different both in the hands and in actual usage. The film rewind mechanism for example, is of the milled rotary knob variety and therefore takes a bit longer to change rolls. Personally I prefer this because it’s all instrumental in ‘slowing down the process’. It’s the main reason I shoot film a lot period, because it slows me down and makes me a lot more deliberate when I frame subjects.

    All in all, it’s not so much what the camera does or does not do in relation to it’s M6 counterpart, it’s more the way it makes you feel and therefore one has a different emotional connection with it, therefore one frames differently.


  13. Hi Steve,

    very, very cool indeed. To be fair, I’m almost a bit jealous… πŸ˜‰

    What I had to do, is the bit cheapo way: have my old M6 upgraded at Leica Service.
    It has the new MP viewfinder and film advance lever. The latter does not look so good as on the MP itself because of the different lacquer style, but that’s okay. My M6 is pretty worn down anyway, and I like it just because of that. But wow, that MP is really a superb device..

    Happy shooting!!


  14. congradulations to the MP, I think it really is the most beautiful M and I love the paint, unfortunately you sold your black paint 50mm preasph, it surely pairs perfectly with the MP

  15. Steve,

    Interesting because the rewind knob is actually an improvement over the M7 (not really since it is actually a throwback to the M3) because when you rewind and accidentally let it go, the film doesn’t unwind back in the spool. The M7 rewind system, without a friction control mechanism, can be a real pain in that regard. Every time it slips through your fingers, it’s like starting the rewind action all over again.

  16. Danny, the M7 has Aperture Priority (AE mode) and has an electronically controlled shutter. The MP is all manual, all mechanical. If your batteries run out you can shoot it like and M3. The M7 is basically a more modern version of the film M, the MP more of a classic. Looks and features.


  17. Thanks guys. I chose the mp over an m3 as I wanted a built in meter. That was a must. Also, Many of the m3’s I have looked at had foggy or dull finders. Finally, with an MP I get everything I wanted with a full 3 year passport warranty.

    Ken Hansen can be contacted at khpny19@aol.com


  18. I love the Mp except for the rewind knob. I like everything about the MP except for that. I hear it’s more durable but slower to rewind a roll of film. It’s a beautiful camera though.

  19. Hi Steve,

    May I know why you choose an MP instead of the older M3 or M2? Is it because of the newer finder and meter? I have always though that the M3 and M2 were the prettiest Leicas. Don’t know how it handles though compared to the MP.

  20. Elaine: The rewind crank broke easily. The metal is soft and disfigure easily. Cost me +$200 to replace.

  21. Yes, Steve, it always “pays” to be patient and vigilant. Last year, my local camera shop (an authorized Leica dealer) had two “a la carte” MPs, one .58 and one .85 finder, sitting in their glass case collecting dust, brand new/unused, and was able to buy them for $2,700 each. Best purchases I’ve EVER made. Interestingly, they also had the M7 I now own, gave it to me at a GREAT price as well, but jammed up on me within one day!! They sent it back to Germany for repair and so far so good…

  22. @Per – You must have been thinking the same thing as me when I sold mine! But you have some great cameras already. Im jealous of your lens collection πŸ™‚

    @Calvin – Thanks, enjoy it! Cant go wrong with any of the M films cameras really. It all boils down to personal preference. The M7 is also very nice.

    @Josh – Im telling you! This one stays with me!

    @Michiel – Honestly I never shot with an M5 but I did hold one and thought it was beastly. Kind of large, and not really like the M’s I know. I did not care for the feel or look of it at all but I know many do enjoy it. Just not my pref.

    @Flo – The M7 is also a super camera and actually faster to use when you are working in changing light. I owned an M7 in the past as well and it jammed up within the first two weeks needing repair. That is not why I like the MP better though but it has mostly to do with the M7 having all of those electronics and relying on the batteries. Electronics die or break. Then the M7 is useless except for two shutter speeds. Most M7’s have been reliable as can be but I wanted an all mechanical M and the MP is the ultimate all mechanical RF. I just like what the MP stands for which is close to the M6 classic but with improvements. My film camera for life choice has always been the MP but I was not able to afford one until I found a deal. Ken is great.

    @James K – Thanks man! You are right on with your remarks.

    @Elaine – A new MP is $4600 these days if you buy from one of the big shops. If you dig around you can find deals. I know of a guy who bought a new black MP recently for $2800 (without flaws) so while that is still expensive it’s pretty far from $4600. When I bought my MP in 2003 I paid $3499 from B&H. The one I bought this week was much less than that. Still, M6’s will always be found much cheaper than a new MP. Used they normally go for $2300-$2700.

    @John – Thanks, I hope so.

  23. “I’d like to thank myself for buying it.”… classic! Great buy and I’m sure this will be passed on for generations.

  24. What kind of price are we talkin’ here for the Mp, James?

    How do you know which M6s they cheaped out on in parts? Weren’t some of them made a certain way for so many years before they changed parts? Anyone know?

  25. I don’t think it’s GAS at all in this case (well, maybe 20% gas and 80% logical reasoning and sheer love for Leicas). For me, the MP is the pinnacle of M film cameras. I think the criticism of the M6 was that Leica cheaped out on some of the parts and the construction. I experienced this firsthand when my frame counter went haywire. For me that was not representative of what Leica stood for and made me yearn for a modern M that had some of the mechanical grace of the older M3/M4’s. The MP is precisely that camera and was intended to be so by design. I don’t think the MP is perfect though (mine accumulates dust in the viewfinder) but when you feel the smooth action of the film advance lever and the perfect weight of the brass/steel construction, it comes pretty close to perfect.

    I think there are deals to be had right now too. I just picked one up 2 weeks ago brand new, for a price not much more than what keh is selling for used. So with that in mind, I can relate to why Steve pulled the trigger.

    Steve, congrats on your MP and I look forward to seeing the review and some cool captures with the new camera.

  26. Hi Steve, – why do you prefer the MP to the M7? To me, the M7 seems interesting because on the one hand it does film and has some comfortable electronic features such as aperture priority – but on the other it still have to shutter speeds that work entirely mechanically if batteries fail – best of both worlds?

  27. Steve

    Many congratulations. I am looking for a M7, used or new, because I think it will complement my M9 more than my M6TTL does. I, personally have never considered the MP. But hey, each to his own. And yes, you have got me back into film.

    • Its my fashion, to have that, MP, it’s an owesome to have, need to explore it,,,I hope, I can shoot the same as you did guys, Steve corner is a good library! Thanks,,,,

  28. Oh not at all Jonathan. I just wanted to point out why I sold my 2 week old M6 πŸ™‚ Usually we think the grass is greener but it usually never is but this time it really is! Actually, it’s more of an emotional thing πŸ™‚ Thx for reading!

  29. Did not mean to be accusatory, personally, I really liked your M6 Chrome. I guess the grass is always, greener, as my m8 is all black, and I love the look of the chrome.

  30. Hey Jonathan. This MP purchase was not due to GAS. It was due to the fact that I wanted an MP ever since I sold my last one years ago. I ruled it out to to its insane cost of $4600 new. I bought the used M6 instead. THEN I found a new MP at a great price that I could not pass up. It was something I wanted to do for years so here it is.

    BTW, the MP has a better finder (doesn’t flare like the m6), better meter (works in lower light than the M6 meter), and a few other things that were enhanced/changed from the M6 but overall its just mainly due to it being the finest film RF there is and there will be no more improvements in a film RF so this was the one to get. I prefer it to the M7 and by quite a bit.

    Anyway, they are all good. M2, M3, M4, M6, M7, MP and even the M8 and M9. Love them all but the MP is the one I REALLY wanted for my film RF. Thanks


  31. Can’t watch, it says video is private. But congrats on the MP, not sure what it brings that your beautiful m6 didn’t, but I guess we all get gear acquisition syndrome and it is kind of your job.

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