Daily Inspiration #92 by Rick Kwan

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I should have some cool stuff up tomorrow so for now enjoy DI # 92 by Rick Kwan. These were shot on film using a Leica M7 and M2 and maybe a bessa R3a (according to Rick). Also, lenses are the Canon 50 1.2LTM and the Noctilux F1 lens. You can see more at his flickr page HERE or his blog HERE! Thanks Rick!


  1. What I particularly like is the use of contrast in the first two. Not talking about contrast in the normal sense but in the sense of emotion of direction of attention. In the first her expression is so different to that of the child and in the second how the baby is looking one way and the woman the other. It shows that contrast and its appeal is not limited to color and tones. Just great photography. I salute!

  2. Wow, that first picture is unbelievable. Love the striking contrast of the sharp in-focus baby’s expression versus the warm dream out-of-focus funny expression of the woman.

    Great work!!

  3. Very nicely done, especially the two baby shots. As for the last picture, I pass by that place on just about a daily basis on my way home but I never even think of shooting in that area. Good job!

  4. The womens expression in the first image and childs in the second make them, beautiful colours too and very creative. Definitly an inspiration.

  5. Rick is my friend in Hong Kong, very excited to see more Hong Kong Leica user was praise in here. I like the first picture a lot, next time I will try to use my Leica M to take some pictures for my friend in their wedding ceremony.

  6. The two color pics are really interesting; intriguing. One has to wonder though whether there is a real shapr plane of focus. Maybe it doesn’t matter, as these images might prove.

  7. This is one of the rare examples of someone using a superfast lens in a really interesting way. I.e., not just for “nice bokeh”.

    Great pictures.

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