Join the Leica Photo Scavenger Hunt in Brooklyn, NY!




Grab a Leica M9 Camera to Track Down the Day’s Best Picture


Leica Camera Inc. has partnered with the New York Photo Festival to offer photography enthusiasts the opportunity to experience firsthand a Leica M9 professional-grade camera. Attendees are encouraged to seek out their inner artist and experiment with the most advanced camera technology available today.


Photo enthusiasts may borrow the coveted Leica M9 digital rangefinder camera absolutely free for a period of up to four hours.

Each day there will be a set theme, challenging participants to capture the best photo that embodies that particular topic.

Winners will receive a special Leica prize at the end of each day.

A credit card and ID must be provided in exchange for the borrowed camera. Participants are asked to bring their own SD memory cards.

For over 75 years, Leica Camera stands supreme among the world’s leading camera manufacturers for its unwavering commitment to pure form, functional perfection and unsurpassed level of optical and mechanical excellence.

The Leica M camera series is renowned by photographers all over the world for being the fastest and most precise camera available to date. The M9 is the world’s first and only digital rangefinder camera.


Thursday, May 13 – Sunday, May 16

12:00-7:00pm (Thurs-Sat), 12:00-5:00pm (Sun)


New York Photo Festival Headquarters

Powerhouse Books

37 Main Street

Brooklyn, New York 11201



  1. Max: You’re right! I think it’s to keep the prices high on their lenses and the demand high for the M9. That’s why I took a complete detour and bought the M6.

  2. Hugh! THat’s so damn funny. That’s a great idea. In fact, I think the scavenger hunt is for my new M9. Once it’s in my hands, it comes home with me,

    Steve: I went with Dale Photo. They sent me an email a while back. It was right after talking Dave Farkas. I swear I got the email that night. It was asking me if I still wanted to be on the list for the M9. I started to laugh.

    No worries about the M9. I’m done asking about it or even thinking about getting one. I have to sell my M8.2 first. I have it on eBay now.

  3. Hugh,

    I can understand the frustration but don’t forget that playing the supply/demand card is at the very core of their success. Yes, they do alienate a few potential customers in the process but they get to keep this aura of exclusivity and image that they want to project. They may have been caught a little off-guard but I think they are playing a carefully planned marketing strategy now. Keep interest high while never let supply quite catch up to demand.

  4. I agree with Elaine! I’ve been on a list in Belgium since December – if they did the same here I would just collect the camera and then phone them to tell them to charge me for the M9 and keep it. Promo publicity before supplying customers – a bit wierd in my opinion.

  5. Yea, sounds funny doesn’t it? I thought the same thing. But, I do have to say that if you would have stuck with the B&H Pre order or got on Kens list you would have had one by now 🙂 Who did you order one from? January? That doesn’t sound right because I have seen people getting their M9 after a few weeks of ordering lately. Maybe by September they will catch up with demand, a year after the announcement.

    Problem was, Leica was not prepared for the success of the M9. When it hit they were slammed with orders and for a small company who are used to small production it has been tough for them to meet demand.

    Lots of M9’s out there these days and many are popping up on the used market as well. Good luck with your order, hope you get it soon 🙂


  6. Well, let’s see, I’ve been on a list for the M9 since January. Uhm, they can lend them out, but they can’t fill the orders? LOL!

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