1. Hi Steve,
    When I saw the photos from your Florence Hotel, I became very nostalgic. My wife (then girlfriend) was a fashion designer when I was a humble assistant photographer in London and she won a major fashion competition, the prize being a generous travel bursary. We went off to Northern Italy and travelled around, but the best overall experience for me was Florence. We stayed in the actual Hotel in your photograph, the room overlooking the Arno and spent most of our daytime touring the galleries (just amazing) and our evenings over-indulging the food and wine…..I got a few photos too, in-between !
    Happy memories for us both :o) Thanks for all the updates and photos, great stuff, well done. Mark.

  2. Now those are album cover shots ! I agree with Stefan, the Internet is an amazing arena- bringing people together from all across the globe- sharing a passion, in this case Leica photography, who would never have the chance to meet. I have gained a high degree of respect for Seal through these past few days. He extended a hand to someone who was down and out and gave them a chance for a different vantage point. Well done, Seal, well done.

  3. Great pictures you captured Seal’s emotion while on stage, feels like I was there right next to you.
    Great work.

  4. Dear Steve and Seal,
    thank you both so much for these wonderful insights into the life of a “Rockstar”…, I always wondered how the life on tour would be … now I have an idea – and (even though it souds slimy) I did gain so much respect and admiration for you, Seal (not that it may matter in the world)! The internet is a funny tool, Steve, you do not know me and you would not recognize me on the street – still I know so much of you and your life from following your website that it feels almost obscene. The positive thing though is that I feel with you, and should you ever stop by in the Morristown, NJ region (or starting later this year again) Mannheim, Germany, you are always welcome. Should I see you one day, Seal, I will have a bright smile on my face, because it is great to have learned what a kind and down-to-earth person you seem to be. All the best for you and your family!

  5. Hi, great shots – again. I have really enjoyed these shots from the tour, I’m a big Seal fan. I look forward to seeing the rest when you get home. Cheers…

  6. Beautiful tones of color in these, Steve. Lovely! I love the blur on the last one. It gives a certain energy of life to the photo.

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