NYC meetup/workshop update!

Just a quick update to the 1st ever NYC meetup/workshop on 10/15/10 – I had 20 spots available and as of right now, 9am on 08/24 there are 4 left (three pending payment via mail in check). The $100 off price of $399 is good through August 29th so I think these last four will fill up quickly! If you want in let me know! Thanks guys! This will be an amazingly fun day and I cant wait to meet all of you who attend!

Ill have a new guest article up later today and a new daily inspiration!


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  1. Great news Steve – I wish I could make it but… My NYC trip for the summer is already done and I cannot afford another one. I love this kind of stuff and NYC is the best place to do it. I spend money like I am a drunken sailor there but it’s worth it.

    The last workshop I gave up there (different subject matter altogether) it ended up costing me money but is was a blast.

    Good luck to all of you – maybe I will see you all next time.


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