1. At 66 years old I found the commercial offensive. I identify with the experience of having to go through a bunch of stuff simply to take pictures. But this implies that the old guy in the video is incapable of using the technology. And then he gives the prints to his (politely) smiling kids. Ha! I bet that when he leaves they’ll just toss the prints in a drawer someplace never to be seen again like I do with the photographic prints that I take. Anyway, all the hassles of digital photography are basically eliminated by the new Walgreen’s digital camera, provided one is willing to go to Walgreen’s to have them downloaded on a disc. The same as with their reusable 35mm film camera, only cheaper. You only have to pay for one print.

    Of course film is not dead. Interesting plastic cameras coming out of Powershovel or whatever they call themselves these days. And lomography. And, regarding Vivitar, check out their 35mm SLR. And you can still shoot if you have no batteries, THE advantage of film that is not the case with Vivitar’s advertised 35mm point and shoot – it has an automatic film advance, which I believe requires batteries.

  2. Hey Steve-
    Don’t you wish Vivitar had come out with this sooner? You could have saved the “Big Bucks” you spent on all that Leica gear!

  3. A fantastic idea, so that screens people
    seniors can not see, incomprehensible menus, because
    I need a computer to view the photos?

  4. Great news but that site looks like a scam doesn’t it? The video is quite professional but the links appear to be broken (tried Spanish and Site map) which doesn’t look quite serious from a company like Vivitar. I’d be tempted to order one but I don’t live in the US so…

    • Steve get it right you can have 2 cameras and 2 films for ten Dollars, I am suprised we bother with old fashioned digital.

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