Fun Friday Links! 09/03/10

It’s that time again! Time for more FUN FRIDAY LINKS! Woo hoo!

DISCLAIMER: Not all links posted in the “Fun Friday Links” section will always be about photography. We all come here to talk about and read about photography but we all have other interests, so these links are meant to be fun, informative, silly and sometimes AMAZING! Enjoy…


So, how about the new Voigtlander NOKTON 25 f/0.95 lens for the Micro 4/3 mount. Here is a site that has plenty of samples and guess what? It looks like it is giving similar quality (with better color and sharpness) as the NOKTOR I reviewed a while back…in any case, this would be a 50 on a M4/3 camera, and that would be sweet. I hope to review this lens as soon as I can get my hands on one! HERE ARE THE SAMPLES…


Received this email which may interest some of you…


Hey steve, just wanted to make any of your readers aware that live in

northern cali that a once a year swap meet is coming up at action

camera in roseville, on september 19th… there contact is 1000

Sunrise Ave. Suite 4B, Roseville, CA 95661

(916) 786-2288

Ive gone for the last few years and i highly recommend it to your

readers… free to attend and no cost to buy or sell gear.



Guy proposes to his girlfriend using a lensbaby…


Have an Iphone 4? Check out the “Rolling Shutter Effect”


Artist creates portraits with his Ipad and the “Brushes” app..pretty cool!


HISTORY TIME! See the Statue of Liberty being built in these old photos…


Sorry I’m Late – Very cool stop animation video… This is so cool and at the end they show how they did it.


The Iphone Camera Project! Photos taken only with an Iphone 4


Not sure if I linked to this one before…it may have been, but if not check out the Holga Digital…


and…thought this video was funny. Not photo related but got a laugh out of me 🙂 Its a video that caught a peeping tom…

In stock and used deals..

B&H has the Sony NEX 5 two lens kit in stock with a $150 instant rebate! Check it out HERE.

Ken Hansen has some X1’s and M9’s in stock…well, he did as of a couple days ago. Also I hear he has every lens except the 50 summilux and noctilux.Email him HERE with questions and tell him I sent you!

Here is A Leica 90 Summicron Pre-ASPH in “9” condition for $1199 at B&H

No one has snagged this gorgeous Leica 50 Elmar yet?


There is a used M9 on this site which used to belong to ME..the guy who bought it from me is selling it at a STEAL of a price – $6300 and its mint and like new. The guy is also trustworthy so no fears. Want a black M9 like new in box for $6300? Click here to check it out.

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