now accepting Advertisers!

Lots of requests over the last 2 months asking me if I would accept advertising, and how much it would be. Well, I just released Advertising info so if anyone is interested, click on over to my advertising info page to read about it and to see what is available. Traffic is growing and averages 20K page views daily for September with July and August coming in at 516,000 page views for the month! Since mid November 2009, this site has dished out almost 3.8 million views! Exciting times!



  1. Hi Steve, can you recommend me a trustful dealer for the new Leica 35mm summilux? It seems that all of the dealers are scalping for the ones in stock. Thank you very much.

  2. Steve,
    Nice job on your site traffic. You run a great site and deserve all the attention headed your way. Personally my girlfriend thinks I am a little nuts, but I check your site everyday before heading to the studio. Mind you we wake up at 4:30 am, so while my eyes are working like an beautiful bokeh, I am checking the updates.

  3. I haven’t seen any Dutch advertisers on this site. I have become a serious customer of Leica equipment due to Steve’s site and recently purchased a full set from a supplier in Holland. I will let my supplier know about this. I hope they see the value of it.

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