It’s NYC Meetup Day! Let the shooting begin!

It’s Friday and in less than 2 hours I will be meeting up with 20 readers of this site to do some street shooting in NYC all day long. Exciting stuff! The weather in NYC is gloomy and rainy but this will just make it more interesting and fun IMO. If you are heading into Time Square for the meetup this morning, I will see you soon!

The new schedule of events for the day is:

Morning: 9:30 AM everyone meets in hotel lobby, we introduce ourselves in the room, talk about photography in general,  Riccis Presentation by 10:30, Q&A, then go out to shoot by walking the streets of NYC.
Afternoon: 1:45 PM – Lunch in room, discussion, then go out to shoot more!
Evening: 5PM – Back to the room! We all go over our work and pick our favorites of the day. We will discuss the challenges of the day, technique, and anything else that pops up. The photos will go live here for all of you guys to comment on and critique.

For everyone else who is NOT going to be here, stay tuned to this site because later on today I will be posting images from everyone who is attending (and shooting digital) so all of you can join the fun as well 🙂

I was out last night with Felix Kunze (who will be my next Featured Photographer Interview) and using the Leica M9 grabbed this shot of him with the 35 Lux ASPH just outside of the hotel in Times Square close to midnight. Felix is in NYC interning with Annie Leibovitz. How cool is that?


  1. Dave, same happens to my comments sometimes. They normally go through after a while. I think it is something to do with the system rather than Steve.

  2. Don’t freak out Dave, happens when I write from my iPhone or hotel connection. Steve does not erase posts he replies to rude contributors in a way they tame down or pack up

  3. What did I say wrong in my last comment that you decided to moderated and not post it? I was actually saying what a beautiful day it was for street photography. I was actually excited about the event and seeing the results.

  4. Great day, Steve…thanks! It was awesome meeting you and many of the guys/gals I get to chat with here….and Riccis! Super guy and great photographer. Sorry that I had to bail out a couple of hours of duty 🙂

    Looking forward to the pics!

    • Thanks Max! Just ended and had a blast. Photos from all who attended should be up by tomorrow night. Mine will be up in a bit since I have them already and am back in the room working on them 🙂

  5. Thanks Harald… Will find one for sure. I still think that some manufacturers did manage to have decent AWB (never perfect I admit). So I guess you have to redo the reading each time the sky changes, if you walk under trees (green cast), inside, outside, neons, incandecent…. Gheez we used to have two temperatures of films and that was it.

    Thanks again

  6. This photograph is an interesting variation of the photographer of a photographer, being photographed by a photographer…
    Take a closer look: in the background – in the poster to the right – another photographer is photographing the photographer who is photographing the … oh, anyway… you get my meaning….! 🙂

    • Let me just try that again please:

      This photograph is an interesting variation of the photographer of a photographer, being photographed by a photographer…who in turn is being photographed by the original photographer (in this case Steve Huff)

      • Just one last shot at this – bear with me please:

        This photograph is an interesting variation of the photographer (Steve Huff) of a photographer (Felix Kunze), being photographed by a photographer ie: the photographer in the poster on the right – who of course, was photographed in a studio for the poster by yet another… unknown photographer) …and that man in the poster that is photographing the two photographers in NYC (SH and FK) is in turn being photographed by the author of the above photograph (Steve Huff)… 🙂

  7. Just went for a quick lunch photo walk and it’s a beautiful overcast day (no shadows!!) for street photography. Hope to see some good stuff from you guys later. I saw a couple of guys snapping away at a fire truck at 42nd and 6th (Bryant Park), was it any of you?

  8. I am looking at tis fine picture and ask myself: How come the WB on the M9 is so much better than on the M8? M8 WB is amongst the worst in the industry and I wunder why the M9 is so much better under mixed light for instance (saw a picture in a French magazine, incandescent light next o a window and the M9 nailed it.

    Ok have fun guys these things must be great and the rain doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue when you look at this picture.

    • I can only assume you are talking about AWB.
      If yes, here’s a word of advice, don’t.

      No matter if you use the M8 or M9, don’t use AWB, ever.
      Get yourself a gray card (like Whibal or the x-rite color passport) and measure WB manually. That’s how you nail WB all the time.

      @Steve & Co. … Have fun guys!
      My jealous side wishes you the worst, hurricane like weather conditions combined with a complete absence of light, doom and gloom days with no sunlight whatsoever plus a major power outage in NYC.
      My more friendly side wishes you that you guys know how to deal with it.

      • LOL! Truly jealous though! And I am already looking forward to some photos being posted here… Have FUN!

    • I’m curious as to how to correct in camera the greenish tint files the M9 seems to produce.. Is there a way to do this? I notice the off color quite a bit. Some photographers seems to be able to adjust this in camera. What’s the solution? Or does it have to be corrected in Photoshop?

  9. the colors in this shot really pop!
    looking forward to see everyone’s photos later today. i’m also headed to NYC in just a couple of hours, maybe i’ll bump into you guys somewhere. haha

    • What a small world. I wanted to sign up for this course but I had to work. I am learning quite a bit about my X1 on my own, nevertheleess. The funny part is that, I too, was in Times Square at midnight, shooting in the rain with my X1. I might have passed you up Steve, and not even noticed. I would’ve spotted an M9 but I was shooting while holding my umbrella overhead.

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