The Timbuk 2 Bag Contest Top 10 – Voting begins now!

The Timbuk 2 Bag Give-Away Top 10 – Voting Begins Now!

Sorry I am a few days late with putting up this top 10 for the Timbuk 2 Bag Give-Away but here they are! Thanks to ALL for your submissions, they were great and lifted my spirits this holiday season! Browse the holiday/winter photos below and vote for your favorite in the poll under the photos. Only one vote will count per person. The photo/photographer with the most votes by January 15th 2011 will win the bag! The bag will be shipped to the winner no later than Jan 25th 2011. The contest details and theme can be read about HERE but it was all about the holidays and winter! Enjoy! BTW, this bag was donated by

PHOTO #1 – Submitted by Ahmed Habis

PHOTO #2 – Submitted by Aad Berkhout

PHOTO #3 – Submitted by Dave Ng

PHOTO #4 – Submitted  by Ernie Gambaz

PHOTO #5 – Submitted by Felix Esser

PHOTO #6 – Submitted by Greg Vassie

PHOTO #7 – Submitted by John Gellings

PHOTO #8 – Submitted by Rick Jacobo

PHOTO #9 – Submitted by Vladimir Jancek

PHOTO #10 – Submitted by Wim Jansen


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  1. This is a tough one, and I am torn between the emotional connections in both #1 and #4.

    I really like all the variety and connections with #1.

    During the holidays my heart goes out to those that work hard to protect and serve, human or animal, and I will cast my vote for photo #1. After all, the spirit of the holidays is about selfless giving.

  2. I saw one of the comments asking about the camera gear I have used to shoot photo #1 and here you are:

    Leica M9 & 28mm f2 ASPH

    thanks to everyone who voted to my photo #1

  3. I’m in last place? … this is an outrage! I’m going to sue Steve, Seal, and all of the voters in order to win this bag!

    In all seriousness, thanks for putting me in the final ten. I have no issues with any of the photos… people like different methods and have different ways of seeing things. The holidays are based on nostalgia for most. Just the sight of snow conjures up those memories for many people.

  4. #4 has way too much PP for my taste. Way too much.

    Agreed many of these weren’t very Christmas-y.

    Choice was 1 vs 5.

    Love the framing of 5 and it’s undisturbed tranquility, but the eye contact of the horse being dragged through the cold NY streets was the winner for me.

    • I agree with you on #1, it really is an amazing shot and it seems like it could have easily been from a much earlier time. But for me it was more “wintery” than “Christmasy” and winter is a season, not a holiday.

      I also see what you are saying about the PP on #4, especially on second glance, but it is still my favorite; the look on the face of the child is what got me, the dad leaning down to be at the child’s perspective, love it. Since I am fairly new to this, any thoughts of how you would have lightened up on the PP?

  5. I can not believe there are so many complaints about the photos here over a bag…amazing. This was a winter themed/holiday contest. The photos posted were the favorites and whoever wins will be determined by you guys. It’s a bag…the photos are great…it’s all for fun. Let’s keep it that way guys! Also, Christmas to me can be many things. I see a bit of the holiday season in ALL of these photos. Thanks


    • See it that way Steve. At least we take the contest serious and burn for it. Hope nobody starts to sue you just because he/she feels betrayed.

    • So much complaining about a bag, will be interesting to see what people will say over the M9 contest ha.

  6. Christmas is in the eyes of the beholder. People are never satisfied with anything. Why don’t you just be happy that you have eyes to see the photos with.

  7. I like them all for different reasons but there can be only one winner. For me, it came down to which one I thought carried out the “Christmas/New Year’s” theme best.

  8. Hehehe, why the controversies I ask? Some good shots there, remember seeing #1 on Flickr (I think) a few days back and it stood out to me then as it does now, love it! Folks, just enjoy the photos, some good shots there. 🙂

  9. I have never seen so many complaints on this website until now 🙂 just let it go, seems like some people are crossed perhaps because their photo was not taken? I am flattered that my made in top 10 but it means nothing, i send my submission for fun not for the bag. The bag would not suit my E-P1 and two little lenses anyway, would it? 🙂

    Happy New Year too all!


  10. Wow! Everyone cool down for a moment, will you? When Steve writes “Christmas/New Year/Holiday” themed then this means what he understands as “Christmas/New Year/Holiday” themed. After all, this is still his site. And it’s a great gesture from Steve to have this giveaway (and previous, and coming). And as far as I remember, his contests have always been fair. So relax and enjoy the pictures — and if you don’t like them, don’t vote!

    • But at least you can see that the comments have a point? And besides the quality for your shot, what makes you feel your submitted picture shows the spirit of the asked theme? Just curious why you chose to submit that one?

      I think next time there will be a competition there should be some examples shown. Steve has a wide portfolio of some outstanding pics so this would give people a good hint of what is expected.

      And I agree, that Steve has the right to be subjective concerning his side but I do not agree with you that – if a community is integrated into one of the posts like now – Steve can do what he wants just because he runs the site. It would upset Reades and Followers.

      By the way. Happy new year to you and your site Steve. I stopped reading it regulary because in the last months it got to leicanian to me. Before that it was more a site of joy on photography but now nearly every article refers somehow to Leica. It is like with some MacUsers, it is to obsessive for me. But well, just my opinion and taste changes. Change is good.

    • Here here! It’s just a stinking bag for crying out loud! This is a fun site, so let’s just have fun and share our work. It is my understanding that this is mostly a side-gig for Steve, and I can see him shaking his head right now at all of the comments that have surfaced over night. If we can’t play nice here, then where? I shudder to think what will happen when the M9 contest goes online! Could be that will be the last one?! Enjoy the photos and let them broaden our minds and perspectives; open ourselves to the interpretations of others, especially others who come from a different context than our own.

      • Allright. Calm down. I was just trying to make a point and I can understand the hazzle. Anyway. It is just a bag, agreed. Still. Clear rules and one proposal. I would not show the votes unless everything is finished.

        Good luck guys. Timbuk2 is just another class, way better than crumbler for me.

  11. These all say Christmas to me, some people need to step out of there own little worlds a little bit. Not everyone cares about a guy in red religious symbolism, some just like to use the occasion to get out, play in the snow, whatever. Its still the holidays and every one enjoys and captures it differently.

  12. Very honored to be included in this field. I voted for number 4 for the special moment.

    Love the different takes on the holidays, happy new year everyone!

  13. Number 8 makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and the effect is great. Really holds the eyes, nice work.
    Number 1 was my runner up.

  14. Just because you don’t see a fricken red hat and presents anywhere does not mean it’s not a holiday photo. Expand your little minds boys and girls. This is a subjective art which means it’s in the eyes of the shooter or in this case the looker. If you need a place to show your expertise in photography, then by all means make your own site….

    Oh, Happy New years all!

  15. Count me among those who do not think that the contest guidelines were followed in picking these 10 candidates! I went ahead and voted for one of the non-holiday themed photos because I thought that it was the best image (among these 10) but I naively thought that contest rules were actually supposed to be followed!

  16. Interesting voting totals. Close for me. Loved ’em all for different reasons. In the end, the bokehlicious Ng submission lost by a whisker to jumping Santas from Mr Gellings. A bunch of friends having some holiday fun: high jinks, high spirits, some really fine air time, and a touch of New York attitude.


  17. Love the tone, mystery (the boat and walking people being on the same plain – frozen lake?), and lines, of number 2.

    • walking people = skating people 😉

      but then, since you’re australian and having bbq’s during the winter season, I understand this could be hard to figure out 🙂

      • Hahaha, now I see it, fun times then – it’s almost like a dream, to skating on the same ground/water the boat used to sail through that now is frozen.

  18. I love the simple composition of number 10, and as Gilles said there is an air of mystery about this photograph – what is that man thinking as he gazes across the snowy landscape, and what is the couple up to.

    Congratulations to all 10 entries, and well chosen by Steve – they all deserve merit.

    • Probably a photographic camera… 😉

      It really is a good shot, that could have been made with any camera imho.

  19. I agree about the lack of Christmas overtones in some of the photos but photography is an art of subtlety. Just because the content isn’t stereotypically christmassy doesn’t mean it can’t evoke a strong Christmas vibe. #1 for me really sums up my Christmas this year. Having been into London regularly during the bad snow for Christmas shopping trips, this photo has struck a chord with me. I’ve never seen London like this before so this photo really reminds me of Christmas just gone. Chaos in London and on the roads. All the other photos are great, but that one really jumped out at me. Good work to all involved.

  20. I have to say that I agree with a couple of commenters above that as far as I can understand/comprehend, a couple of the shots here are at best not quite close to the “holiday-themed” rule (“Must be Holiday themed, so Christmas/New Year themes only.” – But then I didn’t even submit so I guess I don’t get to pick on those who took the time and effort to contribute here.

    wind/snow/ice != holiday-themed (strictly speaking)
    just a thought.

    • I fear you’re thinking too much within your own cultural (American?) contexts. Where I live, Holland, Christmas is not nearly as much about gifts and retail therapy. Charity and going outdoors onto the ice (if there’s any) sums up much better what makes a happy winter holiday season for us. Having the time off to go skating is what every Dutchman considers the epitome of the holiday season… 🙂

      So what’s maybe not holiday-themed for you, might be totally about the winter spirit for someone else.

      Thanks Steve for displaying my shot here. I am honored even if I’ll never win that beautiful bag…

      • If your shot was the one with the boat and the group of men skating, then IMHO, yours is undoubtedly the best piece up for consideration 🙂

      • haha. and I’m not even American. A clear sign that I’ve been in this country for too long. But in all seriousness though, my two favorite shots from this group are 1 and 9. Although IMHO they didn’t follow the rule on a holiday/chrismas theme that closely, but I guess it’s just personal taste. Had to vote for #1 in the end. Just too good a shot to not get a vote!

  21. I voted for number 1. Awsome picture! However, I also like 8 … and 5 … mhhh 9 is also not bad … : )

  22. I agree with Kristian Dowling. Pictures 7 through 10 basically does not live up to the holiday season. Don’t see how those could have lifted the holiday spirits.

    My entry EASILY beats those, but Steve nor Ashwin does not seem to think so. Anyway, I’m not bitter for not being chosen, I actually think a couple of the entries above easily beats mine. For me it came down between pictures 4 & 5. Picture 5 got my vote just because snow is really hard to photograph, especially that much of it. Goodluck Felix!

    • How could 7 through 10 not have a holiday or winter feel? #7 speaks for itself, #8 is all about Christmas and a very cool shot, #9 is a winter shot with a UPS truck on its way to make some Xmas deliveries and #10 is another winter scene. The contest was about winter, snow, holidays…any one of them or all of them. Every photo here fits the winter or holiday theme. I have to say that #8 did in fact lift my holiday spirits! But then again, most of them did. Thanks for entering and the comment.

      • Couple of the original rules:
        •I need some cheer sent my way so I am hoping to see some beautiful photos with snow, lights, and ANYTHING that tells me IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!
        •Must be Holiday themed, so Christmas/New Year themes only

        Your rules as you replied above:
        The contest was about winter, snow, holidays…any one of them or all of them.

        “beautiful photos.. and ANYTHING that tells me IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME!” is so subjective, and we are all entitled to our own. For you it’s about costumes, snow, and well, more snow.

        “The contest was about winter, snow, holidays…any one of them or all of them.” — like some of the comments here, some place in the world doesn’t even have snow, it’s not winter and they don’t celebrate the stereotypical American Christmas. Because these do not tell you it’s Christmas / New Year. Not a bunch of santa costumed people jumping (#7), traffic jam with the word Christmas on the center (#8), a UPS truck driving through the snow (#9), or “another winter scene” (#10).

        Regardless, what we all thought that the guidelines were about submitting pictures that would evoke joy, peace and happiness. If you chose one picture because it has snow or it has the word Christmas, even though it does not feel that way, then yes you are following the “theme”. But if you chose to put them together, I think only 1 through 6 will qualify — just my two cents.

        Guess if you’re the owner of the site you can bend the meanings or even focus on one part of the rules. Well like I said, your site, your rules!

        Happy New Year!

  23. I agree with Kristian above about the lack of the holiday feel is some of the photos, that being said, they are some fantastic photos!. I had to go with #4 for the warmth, charm, and the special moment that it portrayed between father and child. Certainly a wonderful Christmas photo. Good luck and keep up the good, I mean great, and much appreciated work Steve!

  24. Nice set of various winter pictures.
    #10 is really interesting for me. Nicely composed with a little thing of mystery in it. My favorite receipt.

  25. Honestly, not sure what some of these images have to do with the holidays and christmas theme. Some have snow, but not sure they evoke the feelings of the festive season. I voted number 5 as it has all you could want in a landscape photo without the cliche of ‘the festive season’. Composition, depth, tonality and feel. it feels cold and warm at the same time. Go number 5!

    • Wow, thanks, I’m very honoured — also that Steve decided to consider my submission for the top ten!

      But there are nine other great winter season themed pictures, pretty tough competition! Best of luck to the other participants!

  26. Great set of images. I am a big fan of the black & white shots. Two images I really like a lot and it was difficult to decide between them. Well done.

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