Seal South American Tour 2011 – Reports from the road coming up!

Seal South American Tour 2011

Woohoo! Looks like I will be heading out on tour with Seal at the end of next week to join him on his three week tour of South America. I will be shooting the shows and updating the site from the hotels every chance I get. Last year I was with him for one week during his European tour and had a great time doing what I love to do most. This time I am in higher spirits and very excited to not only hang with a great friend but also to be the “tour photographer” and having a blast documenting the tour! Like last time I will be shooting an M9 with a Noctilux but also may expiriment with the Leica 135 as well. I’ll also have  the little X1 on hand AND the CM and some film for some snapshots and behind the scenes stuff.

I also have to pack up my Macbook Pro, some SD cards, and three weeks worth of clothes. How is the weather in South America this time of year? I love adventure 🙂

I did contact Fuji to see if they would send me an X100 so I could review it on the road/tour and they kindly declined my offer saying they don’t  have any to ship out yet to reviewers. Hmmm. Would have been great promotion for them and the X100 if it performed well. Anyway, I leave on March 10th so maybe one will show up via Fed Ex before then? Ha ha.

To see the show schedule you can click HERE. It all starts on March 12th in Buenos Aires Argentina. I can’t wait! Updates to the site may be on and off, depending on where I can get internet connection but when I can get online I will! Just wanted to announce the news and if any of you will be attending the shows, let me know! Updates from the road will start as soon as I leave!


  1. 6 – So neat to see the Titan M7 on the road and not on a shelf. Wish you and company a safe and exciting photo-filled tour.

  2. Hi Guys,

    My kit for the tour.

    Titan M7, 35 Lux, 50 Lux= check
    Ricoh GXR, A12 28, A12 50= check
    1 Brick Ilford HP5 400= Check
    1 Brick Fuji Provia 400= Check
    4 rolls of Neopan 1600 (my favorite B/w stock ever)= Check
    1 iPhone (for video)= check
    LV modified backpack= Check
    Voice= Check (I think)
    Original leather pants from 90’s= Check (albeit a little snug but whatever)


  3. Steve, This is an amazing gig – it would be great if you shared the kit you packing for the road trip – a what’s in your bog post . . .

  4. Very cool.

    “Bout time you got out on “assignment” again. Get some time away from the computer screen. Get the imagination revved up for some exciting action. I’ll bet you come back physically drained and photo-charged.

    Don’t forget mr grd.


    Below: Badlees (and friends), 2009. 2nd gig back, in support of “Love is Rain”. That’s Pete out front, and (l-r) Brett Alexander, Nyke (I think) on e-fiddle, drummer Ron, Paul on bass, and sitting in that night, Aaron Fink, lead guitar for Breaking Benjamin.

    Far cry from the big event stages you’ll work with Mr ~6, but fun. Rock on!


    PS. I’ve said elsewhere I sometimes shoot my buddy’s band. This ain’t them. Brett’s Saturation Acres produces/records my friend’s group, Hot Wing Jones, who, along with pan.a.ce.a, opened for the Bads, which is how I was shooting at this gig. Unlike Chad, who offered to shoot Seal if he came to Houston/Austin, if you all come to central Pa, I think you better do the shooting. 🙂

  5. we can trade, you can be in the cold of canada cramming in homework every day and i can hop around south america in the summer following seal.

  6. But if you’re in South America what are your fans going to do while waiting for your X100 review??!!

  7. Welcome to Argentina !!! We are in summer and some days are very hot !
    There are may places in Buenos Aires close to your hotel were you can get great picture situations !


  8. I went to Argentina last year at exactly the same time and the weather was just superb. I took lots of images with a M8.2. Enjoy.

  9. Congratulations, what a wonderful assignment! I look forward to your reports and shots from the tour and the places you are going to visit.

  10. hey steve. i live in sao paulo. if you have spare time when you are in town and would like to check some photo sites please drop me a line.

  11. WOW! What a great outing. I saw the PBS show of the Motown Tribute on February 24th at the Whitehouse.. I thought Seals performance, singing alone near the end of the show blew all the other performances away. He was amazing! I am sure you will have great times, get great photos and have ADVENTURE! Its all good. Enjoy yourself.

  12. p.s. Steve, your Seal shots are excellent. I think you took quite a few with the X1, correct? That is a real challenge and you pulled it off! I usually shoot with a 35mm Canon L lens and that FOV is my favorite for getting fairly wide stage shots. Those Willie photos I posted are kinda atypical for me since they are fairly tight – shot with a 70-200L.

    I’m hoping to shoot the upcoming SXSW music conference – 2,000 bands+ in 4 days here in Austin – with the X100 to really put it through the paces. Hope you get yours in time for the tour…

  13. Have fun Steve! It is going to be a great experience for sure. I’m super jealous of the access you are going to have. 🙂

    `6, when are you coming to TX? Would love to cover your show and talk photography if you make it to Austin. The new ACL Live studio just opened here last month and it is an amazing room. Some of the best acoustics I’ve heard and the sight lines are awesome. I just shot Willie Nelson there a couple of weeks ago and Steve Miller Band on the inaugural ACL taping in the new space. You should definitely come and do an Austin City Limits taping!

    [img] KGSR 001.jpg[/img]
    [img] 009.jpg[/img]
    [img] 004.jpg[/img]

  14. Congratulations Steve! I’m sure you’ll have a mind blowing experience and come back with some great shots which I look forward to seeing.
    All the best.

  15. Amazing! What an wonderful adventure and I can hear the excitement in post! My family is from Chile and the people and the country are incredible. I would love to know if you are going there.

    ~6 and Steve, I would be great to see an inspirational post from your trip. If you could each pick your overall favorite photograph from your time together on the tour and tell what you loved about it, I would really enjoy seeing the two sides of the story.


  16. Wow…congrats on that Steve…wish you a good time over there and I am really looking forward for those Noctilux shots and maybe (who knows) – some shots with the Fujifilm X100.


  17. Congrats on doing the dream shoot!!! Very happy for you!! Can’t wait to see your pictures of Seal’s amazing performance!!

  18. You are going to do that a lot of photographers want to do. I hope one day I will be there in the concerts with Seal. He is a great artist.

    I am waiting to see the great pics you are going to share.

  19. i guess u also can take some pics with his TITANIUM, and make some coments and the led framelines, ok buen viaje y saludos desde mexico…(nice trip and Greetings from mexico)

  20. Great to hear that! I’m from Buenos Aires. We will be waiting for Seal and you next week. We are in summer here!
    See you!

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