Leica stopping production of film cameras? Unlikely…

Some of you may have heard the rumors going around the internet saying Leica is stopping production of their MP and M7 film cameras. I have received about 20-30 emails with links to various web sites who picked up the story from a web site and there is a reason I did not post that story. First of all, it was and is a rumor. No, I have not called Leica to confirm this story as I can tell you right now that it has to be bullshit.

Sales of the MP have been greater in these past few months that probably all of 2009. The M7 and MP have been selling well and every time a store like B&H or Adorama get some in, they sell out quickly. The MP is a HOT camera right now, and not just for a few poeple here and there. I have known AT LEAST 100 people who bought an MP in the past 4 months. A few months ago I was  told by Stefan Daniel that sales of the MP and M7 are better than ever and they were backordered. So, I find it unlikely that Leica would cease production of their heritage. Their film cameras. Sure, they may raise prices as they so often like to do, but stop all together? No way I say!

I should be speaking with Leica today and if I do, I will ask about this story and report back with an update. But to those worrying about this, fear not. I am sure the MP and M7 will live on for quite some time. At least I hope so as these cameras are the ones that define Leica. It’s who they always have been and part of who they are. Sure, the M9 is FANTASTIC and a digital equivalent to an M7, but film is NOT dead. The M7 and MP still have an important space to fill for those who want the best of the best in film rangefinders, and my guess is that they will be here for a long time to come.



  1. buy more stock more and save out faviorate films.
    make more people understand the quality of film and offer dm some rolls just to try it and see it for themselves. moreover film cameras are so cheap ds days used. more people use more film makers will continue making it. may be also improve it and make it scanner friendly also

  2. I have bought 2 MP’s in the last month, so if there are others like me out there, and I’m sure there are, film and film cameras will never die!!!

  3. Thankfully Leica have come out to outright deny the claims:


    Just as well, because I’m still holding out that they’ll be producing the MP when I can finally afford a second body to allow me to be a little more seamless in my focal-length swapping. Mind you, at the rate my savings account for that particular endeavour is filling up, it may well be my grandchildren who end up buying that second body…

  4. Steve –

    I ignored all the hub-bub last week – Leica has been doing the same thing for 2 years. They manufacture all kinds of things in batches as the need arises. This is why half of the stuff they have EVER produced is back-orderd. A long time ago the company started a “just a little too late” vs “just in time” inventory management/manufacturing. They produce products AFTER they are ordered not before. They were doing this since before the introduction of a la carte, that was years ago.

    This is a bunch of yo-yo’s that don’t know much about Leica completely distorting the “oh my god, they don’t have 1,000 people stamping out MP’s everyday, OMG. This all came out of a press conference where the CEO (new guy) was explaining Leica’s process of getting cameras out the door in the context that M9’s have been “back ordered”. This is non-news of a non-event.


    Ps. Take it from a guy who has visited Leica more than once.

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