I made it! I’m now in Buenos Aires Argentina!

I made it to Buenos Aires Argentina! 1st show tonight!

Saturday, March 12th 2011 – 11AM – After 15 hours of flights and airports I made it to Buenos Aires Argentina in one piece šŸ™‚ Took a nap, had a nice hot shower and have been chilling out in my hotel room watching TV and relaxing. I also went for a walk even though some rain started coming in. It’s humid, gloomy and wet out but I walked out and about with just an M9 and 35 cron. Didn’t really take too many shots but it is always interesting when you are in a place you have never been and no one else around you speaks English šŸ™‚

Im also finding that looking at and editing photos on a 13″ macbook pro is challenging when you are used to editing on a 27″ display. The 13″ just seems so small! But I will get used to it. I have to because it’s all I have with me. Speed wise, the little 13″ has NO problems with the large M9 files, even with Lightroom and Photoshop CS5 both open.

As I was walking the rain started getting harder and I had the M9 just slung around my chest. Water was pounding it so I stopped in a shop that sold leather bags, laptops cases, and purses. I managed to find a cheap ($20 US) shoulder bag that will hold one M9 and a lens or two. The rain started half way through my walk so I wanted to find something to protect the camera. We all know the M9’s are not weather proof BUT I have shot them in the rain before with no issues.

I’m excited to be shooting the 1st show of Seal’s South American tour. Looks like in a few hours I will be in front of the stage snapping away…trying to catch those soulful moments of his live performance.

UPDATE – March 12th 2011 – 8PM – Just got back from sound check and checking out the arena. I will leave you with one shot as I am heading back in 20 minutes to shoot the show…more later!

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  1. Steve, congrats on making it to Buenos Aires! It’s one of my dream destinations. I would love to be there now and see some pure Argentinean Tango in some small cafe and photograph the movements and the moments of joy and passion. As you can guess, I love authentic Argentinean Tango.

    Great picture of the soundcheck! I love the light and the empty seats create some unusual, solitary mood. The telephone picture is also very nice as it shows just how beautiful the 35 Cron can draw.

    Look forward to seeing your concert pictures. I liked some of your previous ones very much.


  2. Loving the shots! The shot of the sound check is awesome – the colors really pop! What lens were you using for that – Nocti?

  3. Welcom to Buenos Aires, try to talk to the people, everybody speak a litle bit of English !


  4. Yes! This will be a treat… love the first and last image. If that last (sound check) image is any indication, you will be generating some poetic photography Steve. Have fun!

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