Seal Tour Report – Sao Paulo Brazil Night #2 – The M9 and Noctilux ROCKED again!

I made it to Recife Brazil where we will be for the next four days. Finally, a full nights sleep! Woo hoo! I just went over the shots I snapped last night at the 2nd Sao Paulo show. The 1st one sold out so another was added and from the looks of it, the house was packed yet again last night.

Last night I used the M9 (what else?) and the 50 Noctilux and 35 Summicron ASPH. The 35 Summiron is fantastic and a step up from the 28 Elmarit in speed and rendering giving you some of that Leica style and magic. I enjoy both lenses though, the 28 and the 35 even though they are so close in focal length. Sometimes you just want a bit wider than what the 35 gives and other times you want something faster and not as wide as the 28 Elmarit gives you.

In any case, last night all I brought with me was my Tamrac vest (which has been WONDERFUL) with an M9/35 cron in one pocket and the other M9 strapped around my chest. I also have batteries, cards and anything else I may need for the night all stuffed away in one of the many pockets of the vest. I also had a Sony VG10 strapped around my other shoulder as i have been testing it out here and there for video. So far, so good.

But when shooting last night I was actually kind of not in a photo mood. The show was spectacular but I was feeling a bit unsure as I did not want the photos to look like my 1st Sao Paulo set. After 15 minutes of walking around the venue I figured I would just go with the flow and once again, I was not disappointed in the results from the M9 in a concert setting.

If at the next show here in Recife I was handed a Nikon D3s or Canon 1DIV with whatever lenses I wanted but the catch was that I couldn’t use my M9 I would pass, no question! The M9’s in this type of setting…two hours of shooting, running, climbing..well, it works out very well. The weight is minimal and the results are unique…emotional.

In any case, there really isn’t much more I can say of the M9 as I have said it all. To me, its my perfect digital camera, even after being out for 1 1/2 years already. To sum it all up, I am ecstatic that I own one again and even though my Steel Grey is only 2 weeks old it is already wearing in nicely and has become my 2nd set of eyes.

Ok..onto the shots from last night! I tried to go for a slightly different feel. Not sure if I succeeded but I am happy with the images. So happy that I may be making a nice coffee table book for myself when this is all over as the perfect memento of my time on the road. A time I will always remember 🙂

I do miss my loved ones back at home though and can’t wait to get back to everyone! Until then…more passionate photography! Lol…

Remember! Click on any image to make it larger and see it with better color and resolution!

The lighting and fog last night was SPOT ON and I was amazed at some of the colors I was able to achieve.

I met some of  you at this show who follow my blog so again, if any of you are in Recife feel free to come up to me at the show if you see me roaming around. I’ll be the guy with the camera gear strapped around my chest 🙂 Also, if you enjoy these articles and all articles on this site feel free to help out by visiting my sponsors – B&H Photo, Dale Photo, Ken Hansen and!

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  1. Late to these posts. Steve these are great shots. Seals voice is an instrument and the Leica M9, I found, is a true instrument in your hands. Steve you made that camera SING baby….WOW.
    I have been reading all of these posts over the last several days and I have to say that I have been truly captivated and intriqued. You convinced me about my purchase of the Oly PL-2 and the Panny 20mm. And now I’m lusting after a M9. I am also happy to hear that one of my all time favorite performer, Seal, is a avid Photogapher as well as a great camera reviewer.
    Thanks, these last few days have been fun. However I have to get my new gear ready for shooting up in the West Virginia hill country (New River Gorge National Park, Fayetteville, Fayette County WV). Its been raining all Spring and the mountain springs are creating spectaculor waterfalls. So I am off this weekend to capture these beautiful scenic wonders. Check Google for the location if you like and bring ~6 and your Leicas with you.

    Best Regards,

  2. Steve,

    I think you might have captured the most telling photograph of the trip. In context with such a large crowd, the photo of ~6 being touched and held by the crowd, #1976, is absolutely amazing. It is telling of his comfort with the audience, and illustrates that he is just one component of a magical recipe. I don’t believe I have ever seen an artist so at home! Kudos!


  3. Great set, Steve! Indeed, somewhat different from the other ones. Angles, mood, colours… My favourite shots are: the first one, the ‘red boots and fans’ one, the ‘news from mars’ one and the preceding picture. The first image is absolutely gorgeous!

    I think this whole tour is a very good example of the synergy between the performer and the photographer. The emotional compound is so apparent and intense! Most concert photography suffers from being too distanced from the subject, both physically and emotionally. The shots can be technically great, very well composed, colour balanced, etc., but usually the emotion is not there or is week. But in your case it is totally different. You and Seal are friends, so that solves 50% of the problem right there. And then you did an amazing job as a photographer with the best possible gear (in my opinion). And Seal is such a powerful and charismatic performer! So, all these facts have formed what we are seeing here. Great collaboration! If only all performers had great photographers for friends and could invite them to shoot their concerts…

    Steve, Seal, I salute you both, as well as all the guys on the band (that ‘martian’ shot is really cool!) for putting together an amazing show with amazing coverage!

    All the best,

  4. Steve and Seal, you have outdone yourselves!

    Every time I look at one of your Brazilian posts/series of pictures I think to myself ” This is it”; it’s gotta be the best shots so far. Then it happens again with the following series.

    In my humble opinion, these are definitely amongs the most charismatic concert photos I’ve seen, and they form a very impressive collection.

    Congratulations and hats off to you Gentlemen for the superb performances!

    P.S. How about making the third Steve Huff Photo expedition an exceptional opportunity to shoot Seal in In concert (you can tell this is pure envy of course:) ?

  5. Steve – I love theses shots so very much! Great work! Quite like the one of the fans hands up with the canted angle.

    Seal – You are such an amazing performer!

  6. Steve

    This is another set of great images. While this set seemed a little heavy on the performance, over all I think you are giving an excellent account of the tour as a whole. Though, I don’t think you will be able to make just one book of your images. I think Seal and the band will want one too.

    Oh, one other question. Two M9’s?

    Enjoy and keep up the great photography.

  7. Hi Steve!

    I would say that you did achieve your goal you to “freeze” different memories in the last show – you really caught the people’s feelings in your shots.

    Wish you well!

    • Actually NO not really. All were shot RAW and I do any PP during the conversion by adjusting the levels, color, etc. After that they are just resized for the web site. The Sepia toned images in this post were converted with Alien Skin Exposure 3. The rich color comes from the Nocti…it renders some amazing color when everything else is just right. This show had great lighting which helped.

  8. Hola steve , perdon por no escribir en ingles pero lo que tengo que decir es importante en cualquier lengua que se lo diga…excelente trabajo con tus camaras!!!. Estube en buenos aires muy cerca tuyo admirando como trabajabas ,te felicito. Sigue asi que lo que haces es arte para nuestros ojos . Muchas gracias por compartirlo .

  9. Of your concert series, I like this set the best. I love the shots that you took in the crowd, it gives the feeling of being there and captures the emotion of the concert. Fantastic!

    It’s amazing that you’re able to make each and every show you shoot unique.

    Great job Steve.

    Keep up the great work!

  10. A request from me, of course 🙂

    I know Seal brought his film M7 and knowing how much he loves Provia (I’m sure he has some), I would recommend you to shoot some of the upcoming concerts with it… This is what I would have done and I guarantee you’ll love it as well.

    Safe travels, man!

  11. Steve, I don’t think anyone could have taken better pictures of these shows. Great job.

    Don’t get mad but … I have to say that I think concerts are a boring subject matter for photography. The colors and lights are flashy but it all feels so formulaic. The “rapture” of the audience feels completely manufactured. And it’s all so repetitive.

    All of the other photos from the trip are so much more interesting to me. I only mention this because I’m curious if I’m the only one who sees it this way.

    Anyhow, sorry about the vent. Great website and I do really like your photographs …

      • Great photos as usual. The picture of the young woman with the cigarette is out of this world.

        That photo summarizes the point I was trying to make. I guess I like seeing fleeting moments (even subtle ones) captured that really feel like they are gone forever.

    • Hi LeicaMoon,

      I think that Steve has done an amazing job COVERING MY TOUR, which is basically what I asked him to do. If he were on vacation then you might have a valid point but he is the official tour photographer and unfortunately (for you that is) that means photographing each show. That said, I think he’s also been great at capturing the cities we’ve visited, behind the scenes and a whole host of different looks, giving everyone an insight of what it’s like on the road.


      P.s. If you’re of the impression that my shows are “formulaic” or that the “rapture of the crowed is manufactured”, might I suggest you come to one, you may leave feeling otherwise. 🙂


      • Hello Seal –

        Thanks for the gracious response. I know that covering the tour is the reason Steve is there. I’m also a fan of your music (have been for 15 years) and I’m sure your shows are great.

        The point that I crudely made was that I don’t think concerts lend themselves to interesting photos. That’s true of most staged events. Seeing the Giants win the World Series was certainly a highlight of my life but the photos I took of the surrounding events are pathetic – and I didn’t really see anyone else’s that I loved. Same goes for the World Cup, Olympics, etc. Having thought about it more – I think the issue is that the person viewing these images more or less knows what they are going to see. Having people’s reactions, expressions, etc. match almost exactly what you expect is what I find disappointing. Of course, pictures of events (especially if taken by someone of Steve’s calibre) make for great souvenirs for people who were there but again I’m just talking about the power of the photograph on its own …

        Just to be clear then, I’m absolutely sure your concerts are very exciting and moving events. I just find it impossible to be “transported” with a concert photograph – even a perfect one. No substitute for the real thing I guess.


        p.s. So great that you’re a Leica shooter by the way …

  12. “Noctilux ROCKED Again”

    No Steve the Noctilux merely transmitted light… it is YOU who ROCKED Again!


  13. you’re so good! concert after concert, amazing shots. and i love the incredibly rich-looking (somewhat-sepia-toned?) b&w shots in this batch.

    • Thanks Adam. I just used Alien Skin Exposure for the Sepia conversions. Actually, I converted to B&W first then used a color Kodachrome filter on the image and the result is what you see..a sort of Sepia toned look and feel.

  14. Well Steve, if you got paid to go on this tour with Seal, these pictures right here are why.

    Seal. You got your money’s worth and then some. These images are in a different league altogether than any of the previous shots.

    And kicking it around a little, you’re very fortunate, Steve, to have such a dynamic entertainer and his show to build your images from.

    I hope these end up for sale somewhere because they should be on a lot of people’s walls.

  15. Wow. Those red shoes really pop in these photos. So do the red lights and green too. Wonderful tones. I agree with Norman. Awesome set of photos. It seems you’re more relaxed in the setting and are anticipating the action better. the colors all look vibrant. Quiet a lovely set of concert photos to be proud of enough to make a wonderful coffee table book. 🙂

  16. Steve – these are some of the best images and as you said it right, the M9 + 0.95 just rock. Enjoy the rest of your trip/tour.

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