Fun In Mexico City, Mexico…

As always, the Leica M9 has been by my side for the past 3 weeks and right this minute I am at the Venue in Mexico City where Seal will be performing his 2nd show here in about 2 hours. I’m blogging because they have a WiFi connection available so why not? 🙂 I shot the show last night here in Mexico City and it was yet another high energy show. I will put up some of those images tomorrow after tonights show and mix them together.

Tomorrow afternoon I go back home to AZ and will have one week off before heading to South Africa for a few days. Lots of exciting things going on, and so many photo opps that I have been on photo overload! I love it!

This morning a few of us went out to get some shots on the street but we ended up having a great lunch instead. I managed to get in a few shots before getting on the van to the show.

While away on this tour I have been in “Photographer” mode instead of “Testing” mode so the change of pace has been good for me. Getting out and being able to take actual photographs instead of silly test shots has re-activated some passion inside of me, and it’s been great fun.

All shots below with the the Leica M9 and 50 Summicron

My new buds, Chris and Steve shooting on the streets of Mexico City…

I managed to capture this couple sharing a hug. He saw me but gave me a smile after I took the shot..

Seal street shooting with his Titanium M7

Mike the Bad Ass security guy with Seal while we waited for the restaurant to open up…

I thought I focused on the food but somehow missed it 🙂 The food was AMAZINGLY gorgeous and tasty 🙂

After I made it to soundcheck the band wanted some shots of them but they decided to have fun with it. This is the last show of this short tour so everyone is in high spirits…The four shots below were all with the 28 Elmarit at 2.8, which seems like it was made for the M9.

At soundcheck just minutes ago..the band switched instruments to take this shot.

From left to right: Mark Summerlin, Marcus Brown, Gus Isidore, and Steve Sidelnyk

Katie, Sarah and Georgina

Carol Jarvis – Master Drummer, faces and all…

The final South American Tour Report will be up tomorrow night, or at the latest Saturday. Then back to normal business for a week with guest reports and reviews. It will be good to get home tomorrow 🙂 I have to say that the Leica M9 performed FLAWLESSLY for me during daily use on this three week tour. It withstood the bangs, the abuse, the humidity, and even some rain. To the naysayers, yes…the M9 can be used as a pro camera. Period.

I’ll leave you with one shot from last nights show…LOVE the color and the vibe in this one. It’s as if all of the Energy is coming out of Seal and exploding into the crowd…shot with the 35 cron at f/2.

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  1. Great pix with the rocking girls! The one with Mr.6 and his M7 shows all his enthusiasm and fun. Great shots!

  2. My compliments Mr.Huff on a fine piece of work overall.Thank you Seal for taking us all along with you and the band for the tour. I certainly enjoyed the ride.

  3. Funny that David, I felt a CL calling to me in Red Dot Camera just the other day! That and a Zeiss 28mm 🙂 Steve make suit you rest up before heading to South Africa and be safe there!

  4. I love that Seal uses his M7 on the road. While he has his choice of tools for his photography, his choice of a film camera shows that he really does care about photography. (Not saying that film is in any way “superior,” whatever that means, just that he has made a conscious choice about how he wants to shoot.) I loaned my M6 to a friend, and it’s traveling in Europe with her now…I miss it!!! I need to shoot some more film. Maybe I will pick up a cheap Oly film SLR to knock about with for a few weeks.

  5. One photograph I wanted to share, hope you like it, taken with my iphone 4. Sorry, I wasn’t able to rotate it.

  6. Hi Steve, I saw you tonight at the show shooting the concert, I was first row at the middle and saw your equipment, looking at that M9 is a pleasure, for a moment I forgot watching Seal, glad you were photographing, amazing shots. Just a question, I saw in your right shoulder another equipment, it was a videocamera? Hope you had a great stay in my country. Saludos!

  7. Amazing !! , wonderful shots , it seems that M9 was made to be into concert , i was looking to other concert photos taken by a pro. dslr and i couldn’t feel it , leica has this magical look !! ,…i think collecting light through leica speedy glass instead of high iso technique used by other dslr what makes this classic and cinematic look , it brings life to photo , Thank you Steve and Seal for sharing this wonderful experience with us .

  8. Steve,

    I have no idea what interests others in the band have in photography; however, after seeing the life in so many great photographs, I’m thinking the band has to be inspired and energized by them as well. As ~6 commented about capturing a moment in life, I’m sure you have captured some special memories for all.

    I hope the band loves the work as much as I do.


  9. So much fun….man nothing slows you guys down….the last show has a dreamy ethereal look. The rest are hilarious, and man, I would not want to mess with Mike!

    Plus, the Leica vibe is really rubbin’ off on the crew. Looks like nearly everyone has a M camera to boot!

    Sounds like the return home will be bitter sweet….thank you for taking us on tour with you, Seal and Steve… what a cool ride!

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