Daily Inspiration #205 by Thorkil Brodersen

Hi Steve (and Seal)!

I will just write to you both while you’re on the South-America trip, and looking at all those wonderful pictures from there, to tell you that you both are guilty in my latest spending, camera-wise: the Ricoh GXR 28mm. Mostly because of Seals wonderful pictures from the GXR in the tread “First impressions of the X100…” and yours review Steve, I was convinced. And I just got out yesterday in the harbour north of Copenhagen to take some first-pictures.

Coming from Hasselblad, Leica M6, Nikon D3 etc., I must admit that this is the first and only compact-camera that reminds me both in physical appearance (just so solid) and file-wise of the quality of the Leica M’s and someway also of the Hassy’s. I do think it draws/render a bit amazing and have that roomy 3-dimentional feeling I’m longing so strongly at..

Keep up the spirit to both of you and the band..


Thorkil Brodersen



  1. Hi Thorkil,

    So wonderful to see your photo’s on the daily inspiration!! I love the photo’s, the colors and the clarity are beautiful.
    I’ms soo happy you are happy with your new toy!


  2. Thorkil – Wonderful colors, amazing use of the magic hour lighting. I sure like the second shot, it has an industrial-art-deco-minimalistic-surreal feel. Very nice photo, very cinematic, it makes the mind swirl….

    • Hi Sas,
      thank you! yes the light was warm and calm that evening, and I do think that little Ricoh do some good job catching “the room” in a way that reminds me of my M6 and the 21 Elmarit, which sometimes succeeded in giving almost a sort of “fat” 3-dimensional feeling, when the light was right..

  3. Glad to hear you finally purchased the Ricoh GXR with A12 28mm, and do you intend to purchase the 50mm. I love my GXR with 28 and 50mm, and have not been so impressed with a camera since buying a Leica M4 back in the 1980’s (alas stolen in a house burglary). Steve, finally convinced me to buy the camera after reading his review, and I have not regretted the purchase for one moment – look forward to a medium telephoto A12 unit from Ricoh at some point in the future.
    Hoping you continue to enjoy your GXR, and nice pictures of Copenhagen, by the way.

    • Hi Andrew
      Thanks. No I guess I will not buy the 50mm, as I’m committed to wide-angle. And if the digital-area wasn’t invented my longing would be walking around, like Lee Friedlander, with my Hasselblad SWC around my neck. But film is too expensive and scanning etc..etc
      But I must break down and admit that I’m still longing for a M9, dispite the Ricoh and Seal :), and that totally(allmost) manual approach, setting the aperture, and letting speed and Iso suit itself (hope a max and a min can be setted at speed and Iso), and concentrate on that easy focus-ring, with a suitable dof, free to fire instantly on the streets.
      But the Ricoh is nice and I carry it all the time in my pocket in the jacket (until summer:).
      And I do think I will buy a M-mount unit when it comes for my 15mm Voightländer and my 21mm Elmarit (which I do love, despite some few faults)

      • Yes, I can sympathise with your longing for a Leica M9. I would not hesitate to buy one if I had the money – that full frame sensor and the Leica glass does have a magic about it. They say among car enthusiasts that one should not go to the grave without driving an Alfa Romeo, and one could say the same thing about the Leica for photographers. I can rest easy because I have owned both, but at the moment I am very happy with the Ricoh GXR.
        Lee Friedlander photographed a nude Madonna back in the 1970’s when she was a student and she was paid $25, and in 2009 one of the images from the set fetched $37,500 at a Christie’s Art House auction – such is fame!
        Best wishes

        • Same here, wouldn’t hesitate if the money wwasn’t a problem(!) And until then..(if we manage before the grave..:) I agree the Ricoh gives such a solid mechanical feeling with really good files. Meanwhile I guess we have to go famous..and find a nude(…) to invest in.. and talking about Alfa, I had that for motorcycles, I had to have a Norton Commondo, but now it stands rather rusty in the garage.
          I must admit I’m doing in the Vivid position on the Ricoh which give somewhat more “natural” feeling, normaly I’m not that vivid-colour-freak.
          Best wishis

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