Seal South American Tour 2011 Highlight Video – “If I’m Any Closer”

Seal South American Tour 2011 Highlight Video – “If I’m Any Closer”

While I was with Seal on his South American tour my #1 job wast to shoot photos. During 3-4 of the shows I had a Sony VG10 hanging at my side so I would occasionally get a few video grab shots here and there. Nothing spectacular on their own but I decided to throw a few of them together, add a song from Seals new CD “Commitment” and then see how it turned out. This was a “just for fun” thing while I had some spare time on the tour and was never really meant for any kind of release, just personal. I ended up liking it as did Seal, so here it is! Next tour I will concentrate more on video as well as the photos. BTW, Seal just announced his Summer European tour, you can check out the some of the initial dates at his website HERE.


  1. Steve,je viens de revoir ta video “if I’m any closer” dans de très bonnes conditons sur mon phone, et là, j’avoue, je me suis régalée. J’ai retrouvé l’ espace de quelques secondes, l’atmophère surchauffé des concerts et ça fait du bien! Tu as très bien mis en valeur le travail de Seal, tout en générosité dans son art, magnifique. Cette video pourrait promouvoir les concerts de ce grand artiste pour lequel j’ai une haute estime (c’est ce que je pense ‘6!) Ici on dit “une bête de scène” excuse du peu! Là, tu le prouves par tes images extrêmement justes. Continue Steve, tu as le coeur riche. Sylvie

  2. Fantastic video, fantastic song! Looks like a great tour. @ ~6, any North American dates??

  3. Well, I’m sold. I have loved the photos you’ve put up but this video really did it for me. I’ll try to make a Vancouver or Seattle date if and when that happens. Does Seal have a policy about bringing cameras into his concerts?

  4. Hey Steve, you won’t be tagging along with the european tour? Would be fun to meet you, was my first thought when I saw ‘6 was going to be performing at North Sea Jazz 🙂 Guess he’ll have to do 😉

  5. Wow! Fantastic editing and effects! Don’t change a thing; had no idea you were so adept with filming, too.
    Pretty good singer and band, too. 😉


  6. c’est bien ce que je pensais! “encore plus près”… à travers l’esthétique, le coeur et l’émotion. J’aime ça!!!

  7. Nice video and a good song. Ask Seal if he can buy a Red Camera for you to shoot on stage next time. 😀

  8. Steve – Not only are you a great photog (video/still) but you are a really excellent editor! Kudos to you pulling so much energy into that segment. What can’t you do? You a under water basket weaver too?

    ‘6 – as always a top notch artist – was great to see you and your band!

  9. Nice vid Steve!

    ~6, if you are looking in do you know if there will be any English dates – I noticed that a number of slots were “TBC”? Mrs Cider will be very pleased if their is as will I of course. 🙂

    Will you be covering the European tour too Steve?

  10. I really like the ‘scratch’ effect steve. All things considered, the fact that it was shot filmed with the VG10 and the X5, I think that it’s incredible what you’ve managed to capture. It just goes to show that for the most part you don’t need a huge rig to capture the spirit of what w’ere doing. Very exciting indeed.


    • Thanks man, yea, the video was mostly an afterthought on my end as i was so into the photo aspect and every clip you see in that video, well, those are the ONLY clips I captured really. Was fun and next time I plan on shooting more video…get more into it a bit.

  11. Wonderful editing! (..But why add the “scratched film” effect?..) ..superb, so involving, innovatively shot ..terrific Steve! ..You’re not just a great photographer, you’re a great shooter and exquisite editor. More, more!!

    • Hey David…funny (well not so funny) story. I was experimenting with the video while on one of the long plane rides. I added the effect and exported it. About a day later I dropped my Macbook Pro in an airport, cracked the screen and later found out I could not load this video as iMovie wouldn’t open, nor would the video files. Just found this out today actually when I went to do some tweaks and possibly take out the scratch effect. Couldn’t do it so I am stuck with this version, which I like anyway 🙂 Fun stuff…

      Next time I will make sure I back up the video with my photos. I didn’t back these clips up as I didn’t think they would be used for anything but my personal experiments 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

      • Why not start it up in ⌘T (Target Disk Mode) – if the MBP won’t start up properly – and transfer all the iMovie files to another Mac ..or just transfer them via FireWire if the MBP does start up..? ..You’d need the 2nd Mac to be on the same version of iMovie, but you should then be able to edit it all as if it was on your original MBP.

        Still ..I could get used to it, and ~6 likes it why worry?!!

        And I repeat; masterful editing: great sync! ..Gotta go now (friends locked out – gotta go and rescue them!)

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