Ok, a daily inspiration from me and the Fuji X100!

Not really a daily inspiration but more of an excuse to post one more X100 shot 🙂

Took this with the X100 today and realized that the detail is AMAZINGLY good with the lens on this camera. This file has been converted from RAW and then I added a filter using Alien Skin Exposure 3. I processed this file just as I would an M9 file if I were preparing a photo to my liking. The X100 file held up just like my M9 files do. No issues. I went hiking with my son today checking out old mines and on our way back home I saw this dirty old semi and figured it would be a good test of detail. I shot with with my M9 and a 35 Cron that I had with me as well but this is the final outcome of the X100 version.

This little camera is really pretty amazing. Keep in mind that this was also full Arizona mid day sun, which is HARSH. Detail is still there, no blow outs…I am impressed so far. More details from this image will be in my full review along with crops from this and the M9 version.

Fun fun fun!

Dramatic! The dramatic tone you see here is a result of my careful RAW conversion and a filter I applied using Alien Skin Exposure 3. I was curious to see if an X100 file would hold up to the same PP I normally use on some of my M9 files, like my shots of buildings, farms, etc. The X100 held up just fine. I’ll have more on this in the full review soon! But the X100 seems to have that 3D pop and feel..just how I like it!

CLICK IMAGE FOR 1800 PIXEL WIDE VERSION TO SEE IT HOW IT’S MEANT TO BE SEEN. BTW, this was shot at F2. I also shot it at F4 but this version is wide open using the ND filter.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that this image is shining on my desktop.

    Keep it up Steve, and best wishes from Lithuania!

  2. Nice pre-reviews Steve… I’ve got mine coming to me this Wednesday from Adorama, i can’t wait… Just in case, Lightroom’s newest update supports the X100 files, still waiting for Aperture… I’m just as excited 🙂


  3. Hey Steve,

    I’m really looking forward to the review, even though I’m already shooting my own X100 🙂

    Is there any chance you could update your processing tutorials section? I’d be interested to see how you processed the shot in this post and what other processing you normally do, especially with Alien Skin as I’ve just got myself a copy.



  4. Steve – that is a good one. I am really surprised by the subject separation. One of the few photos I have seen that make me want the X1. However – I see some heavy banding in the sky which would probably disturb in a print. It makes me wondering why did that happen as you say that this is a raw processed file. Or was the art filter applied to 8 bit (per channel) image?

      • I see. But was the filter applied in 8 or 16 bit mode? I guess that the banding appeared probably because of very strong adjustments. I still like the shot though. I second the request bellow – a bit of tutorial on this kind of PP for those of use who only use photoshop to get colors and contrast right and to clean dusty scans 🙂

  5. Beautiful shots.

    I’ve been shooting with the X100 for the past month. It’s not without its quirks but IQ is no-compromise, and very sharp even at F2. A mixed-up selection of pics are here if you’re interested.

    Happy to post full-size versions somewhere if anyone wants to pixel peep.

  6. Damn you Steve… stop teasing us with the odd shot here or there… full review pleeeaaaasssseee…. you’re killing me!! 😀 (but saying that, still love these teasers!!)

  7. Looks great. Incredible detail and nice rendering. As others have, said, it would be amazing if fuji used this body (or this body style) as the basis for a good interchangeable lens system.

    So many options for taking photos these days!

  8. Steve, I seem to be noticing a lot of “digital grain” in this fuji pics.. in this one its in the sky, in one of the others it’s in the rear view mirror in the car. I’ve never noticed that in any of the other cameras you review.. what is this?

    • He used a filter that emulates different film. While there are options to apply effects without grain, he may have used the standard film or created his own film including grain.

  9. Great, exciting stuff, Steve! You’ve got me almost as excited as if my own X100 had arrived! You bring the fun back to photography. Keep it up!

  10. Charles, contrary to some reports, the battery holds a charge. Haven’t tracked it but it’s not an issue. Not as good as my D90 but pretty close. I’ll get a spare for those long days out. And that is from someone who uses Eyefi cards, which suck some juice when uploading. So far, so good.

  11. Charles, the X100 battery is small and light. Easy to carry a spare.

    Steve, nice shot! I also found the ND filter at f/2 a great bonus under the midday sun yesterday.

  12. I’m praying B&H gives me an order confirmation tomorrow!

    I knew all this “X1 has better quality” stuff would turn out to be rubbish! Will it compete with a full frame camera? Probably not, but why should it? Can Fuji make a lens that competes with a Leica APS-C lens, absolutely! Their large format, and medium format lenses are spectacular. Good enough for Hasselblad! And they made the legendary lenses for the X-Pan.

    I’m hoping that this camera sets the tone for a system. It would be a great way for Fuji to re-emerge in the digital photography business. And Leica could use some honest competition so they stay on their toes. Might drive M prices back to a sane level too.

  13. I have been considering this camera for quite a while. For one, it would be much easier on me when going for hikes, rather than carrying a Canon EOS-1D Mark III and good size lens around my neck. I am also thinking it would be much better to use for candid photo ops.

    I have Alien Skin’s Exposure 3 also. I love that filter. Which filter did you apply here? I have a bunch of custom settings for Exposure 3 (mostly on the color side). Yours looks like it might be the Agfa Optima film here.

    By the way, I love old trucks. Ever come to San Diego? There is a Motor Transport Museum (open Saturdays) in Campo, CA (50-60 miles east of San Diego off I-8), which has loads of vintage milk trucks, semis, gasoline trucks, etc..)

    Anyways, glad to hear great things about the X100. My one concern is the battery.

  14. Had a play with a X100 a couple of weeks ago when one came in for a customer – I want one badly.

    • haha the guy at the camera shop that got me mine said the same thing, the boss wouldn’t let them get one til most of the customer orders were fulfilled.

  15. Great shot and color tones. I am looking forward seeing the M9 and the X100 shots next to each other. Would be nice to see the original version of this photo as well. Keep doing what you are doing. D!RK

      • My M9 and 35 Lux is way sharper than my X100, the M9 holds far more detail to, got my X100 2 months ago (we got our first delivery in Ireland before they arrived in the UK)

        the X100 is a cool camera though and the IQ will be more than enought for most shooters

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