USED LEICA Deals! get ’em while they are there!

Just saw some used Leica deals for those who are in need of a Leica fix without spending full retail prices!


Looks like someone traded in an X1 for an X100 – maybe…Here is a grey/black X1 for $1599 in 9+ condition, which is as new.


Also, this is RARE! A Leica Digilux 2 – used, in 8+ CONDITION FOR $449! THESE NORMALLY go for much more! Get it quick if you want a taste of classic Leica digital.


A GORGEOUS Silver Leica M6 with a .58 Viewfinder which is useful when shooting wider angle lenses. 8+ with box, $1699


A GREAT CONDITION LEICA M8 at Dale Photo in Silver or Black


Retro! A Leica Digilux 1 for $195!

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  1. Dear Steve, I`ve read your trip down memory lane with the leica digilux 2 camera, It`s convinced me yet again I should have bought one in 20003, love your photo`s! and review! I`m still looking for a D2
    so if you come across one in excellent mint condition, i would appreciate you e.mailing me, will pay fee for reccommendation, I just love this camera, owned all R series leica`s previously up to R8`s.
    Kind Regards,
    Bernard Dresser

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